Location: Elizabeth Community Hall (opposite the yoga centre), 169 Elizabeth Street, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty 

Weapons: Foil, Epee, Sabre

Training Times: 

  • Tuesday- 7pm-9pm seniors 13-Adult

  • Thursday- 6pm-7pm Juniors - 7-12

  • Thursday- 7pm-9pm Seniors - 13-Adult

Contact: Anthony on +64 27 562 2536

Website: https://www.engardesword.com

About En Garde fencing club.


We teach foil predominantly but have épée for those who are a little more experienced. We will be extending to Sabre in the near future.


Sessions consist of class lessons, individual lessons and bouts on electric equipment. For those in Secondary School we also compete in Auckland if club members wish to and are at a suitable level.


What to wear or bring-

On Feet- 

Must wear shoes with some grip. Any trainers will do for the beginner but Tennis or Squash trainers are very good, fencing shoes for committed fencers are a cost saver in the long run.

On legs-

Jeans or track pants. Eventually if competing beyond Secondary School level fencing breeches will be required.

On torso-

A t-shirt.

On hand-

A glove would be good but is not essential. Golf glove for your dominant hand is often used. Thin garden glove with grip. Ideally for someone considering fencing for a year or more they should buy a fencing glove- we can get a 10% discount buying as a club.


A bottle of water/ drink.


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