The final tournament of the year, the Fencing North Bauble Ensemble, has now opened entries! It will be held on Saturday 5th December at Trusts.

This event is a bit different: we wanted to have a big bash, so we're actually holding two competitions, a Novice and an Expert. The Expert competition in the morning is a full competitive event for our experienced fencers - then in the afternoon the Novice competition is an opportunity for beginner and intermediate fencers to practice and learn how competitions work.
For our experienced fencers, we would like to invite you to stick around after your event for the afternoon to help out: we want floor controllers, referees, explainers and general helpful people.
And if you know any beginner or intermediate fencers - especially if they haven't entered a competition before - you should really encourage them to come along! Fencers do not have to be affiliated to enter the novice competition (although they receive a discount if they do).
As always (this year), if you're coming to volunteer or watch please sign up on the registration form as well.
If you have any questions, please email Maja on
Cheers, Katie.




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