Tuatahi Intermediate Epee Competition



For Intermediate Level Fencers

Fun competition for fencers with one term to three years(ish) experience! Fencers are sorted by age/ability into poules.

All fencers aged 9+ years to adult welcome.

First round of poules helps sort competitors into second round of poules, where each of the top two fencers have ‘gold medal’ match for a fabulous trophy! Certificates and chocolates for all fencers!

Gear requirements:

All gear to be in good condition, without holes.

350N mask with working elastic and tongue, 350N plastron, chest protector (for females – optional for males), fencing jacket, long pants or breeches, glove, covered shoes.

Please ensure your epee and body-wire are working.

Limited gear available for hire at venue.

Enter now! www.tuatahifencing.co.nz

Questions? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0275 26 26 23

Rollcall: 9.45am 10.30am start ( approx. 2pm finish ) ____ GEIS Gym 23 Kaurilands Rd Titirangi, Akld ____ 2 rounds of poules ‘gold medal’ bouts ____ $26 entry fee __ ENTER ONLINE: tuatahifencing.co.nz Entries close 31st Oct

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