Covid Level 2 Guidelines



Congrats - we are officially in Level 2, and I know there’s a lot of people been waiting patiently to find out when Fencing can restart.

 As you may be aware from the News though, after the official guidelines were first put out last Friday by the Govt, there have had several amendments – particularly related to Sport.

As a result FeNZ has had to redraft our own guidelines several times, but these are now complete.


Please see the link below to the FeNZ website where they’ve just been published.


It is important that you read these thoroughly and make sure you work with your clubs to help them keep everyone safe.


Our intent is to restart local tournaments as soon as possible – hopefully in June – however its clearly impractical when your limited to ten people as per the current rules.

We will of course be revisiting these guidelines as the Govt reviews the Levels.


Watch this space for more details.


In the mean time – go forth and stab people – just do it carefully and kindly.





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