FIE 2021 International Competitions Update

 Please see the below from the FIE President on 2021 International Competitions


 1. 2021 Junior and Cadet Zonal Championships

The Junior and Cadet Zonal Championships gather a relatively large number of athletes,

many of whom are minors. The current situation linked to COVID-19 (including flight

fluctuations and restrictions, border access, health measures) is making participation in

these Championships very difficult, and some organisers had to renounce.

Therefore, after consulting the Presidents of the Confederations, the FIE Executive

Committee has decided to cancel the 2021 edition of the Junior and Cadet Zonal


In the near future, the Executive Committee will review the issue of points and rankings for


2. Resuming competitions

Several organisers had to cancel the competitions that were scheduled to be held in

February and others have indicated their willingness to organise competitions. But the

various current restrictions do not allow solutions to be found that are equitable for all

federations. The Executive Committee has therefore decided not to hold competitions

before March 2021.

3. Qualification competitions of March 2021 for the Tokyo Olympic Games

Following on from discussions and work with a number of federations and as some

organisers had to renounce, the Executive Committee has decided to optimize the

organisation of these events and to minimize the travels for federations. As a result, each

weapon (both men and women) will be held in one country and the dates have been slightly


These competitions are therefore planned as follows:

- Sabre World Cups (men and women): Budapest (HUN), 10-14 March

- Epée World Cups (men and women): Kazan (RUS), 19-23 March

- Foil Grand Prix (men and women): Doha (QAT), 26-28 March

We will monitor the situation very closely as it develops. If necessary, decisions and arrangements

will be made, and you will be immediately informed.

4. FIE outline of risk-mitigation requirements for national fencing federations and

competition organisers in the context of COVID-19 (FORMIR- COVID-19)

The Executive Committee has approved the attached updated FIE outline of risk-mitigation


All amendments in the document have been highlighted.

This document is also available on the FIE website:,

as well as a brief summary of the outline.

The document’s amendments include provision for a safety plan before and during the competitions, as

well as one PCR test, in the host country of the competition, for all participants.

Alisher Usmanov



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