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Friday, 29 January 2021 22:56

Tournament Programme for 2021



  Take a look, put the dates in your diary and start training!


A day in the life of… YOG fencing coach Greg Massialas - Olympic News


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Friday, 29 January 2021 19:07

Annual General Meeting Minutes 2020

Fencing North Annual General Meeting 2020
50A Godden Crescent, Mission Bay
22nd November

Meeting Opened: 6:50pm

David Elder
Amanda Hopkins
Katie Logan
Maja Saran
Ryan Yan
Sunnie Sun
Ben Upton
Mary Black
Peter Butler
Henry Mitchell-Hibbert
Ewa Siwacka
Hannah Choi
Neil Young
Vicky Fan
Rhys Greensill
Andi Liu

None received.

Confirmation of the Previous Minutes: David moved that the minutes from 2019 be accepted. Maja seconded. Passed with all in favour.

President’s Report: David gave the President’s Report for 2020. Maja seconded David’s report. The report was accepted with all in favour.
The report will circulated to all members via email.

Following the report, David and Maja presented flowers, a card and a trophy to Katie and thanked her for all her work as secretary over the last three years.

Treasurer’s Report: Amanda presented and discussed the financial statements for 2020. The society has not lost money this year, although expenses are still too high compared to income. She acknowledged the excellent work done by Maja in increasing income from competitions and simplifying the accounting through RegisterNow, and Rhys’ very successful fundraising for new equipment.
Ben noted that our constitution requires the accounts to be audited annually, although this seems to have been done rarely if ever and may not be necessary. After discussion, the meeting raised an action point for the executive to look into Fencing North’s accounting processes, with a view to amending that clause.
Peter seconded Amanda’s report. The report was accepted, with one abstention.  

Election of Executive Officers: One nomination was received for each executive position:

  • President: David Elder
  • Vice President: Sunnie Sun
  • Treasurer: Amanda Hopkins
  • Secretary: Ben Upton

Neil moved that the nominees be elected as a bloc. Mary seconded. The officers were elected with all in favour.

Setting of Affiliation Fees for 2020: David proposed that the Fencing North affiliation fee remain at $0 for all membership tiers. Maja seconded. The motion was carried with all in favour.

Meeting Closed: 7:38pm

Thursday, 28 January 2021 10:19

Tournament - Bubble Ensemble 2021



Fencing North


Sunday, 14 February 2021


Trusts Arena Henderson

 Registration closes on:

Thursday, 11 February 2021 at 11:59 PM - (GMT+12:00) Auckland, Wellington


This is a standard Fencing North competiton. The ususal rules apply.

The decision of ranking points and how to apply them (or not) is still pending. Untill FENZ has made a decision, we will run all our events with the ranking rules and procedures.

You need to be affilated to enter this regional tournament.

Please contact us first before entering multiple weapons.

NEW NEW NEW: we will use weights and gauges

Standard Registration ends 23.59 04/FEB/2021 and remains at $25

Late Registration ends 23.59 11/FEB/2021 and remains at $35

Out of town FN members are offered a free standard registration. Late is at $35.


Please note this totally depends on numbers. The earlier you register, the earlier we can say.

Epee men start: check in at 8.00-8.15am ( followed by set up and warm up)

followed by Foil women (if we have enough fencers)

Sabre, late morning

Lunchtime Epee woman (if we have enough fencers)

Foil men finish

A more detailed timetable closer to the event.


Please read carefully. Rules are changing, don’t assume: know.







This is a competition with no age groups, but a minimum age of 13. For exceptions please contact us directly.

You are entering a mixed tournament, unless we have enough registrations to separate the poules by gender.

We will consider running separate gender poules with a minimum of 6 fencers per poule. Anything less is at the discretion of the DT on the day, as is the poule format, which depends on numbers.

The earlier you sign up the earlier we can say.

No responsibility is taken by Fencing North if the server slows down because you left it until the last minute.

There are no refunds unless we cancel the event. If you wish to apply for a discretional refund please contact the DT who will forward it to Fencing North. Refunds can be given in case of injury or crisis. We have been quite lenient in the past and will continue to do so if it is not abused. Remember we have to plan and pay for your event whether you fence or pull out.




Please check on Friday before the event to see if the timetable has changed. Please let us know if you are late for the event. We can help, if we know.

Every fencer is expected to help with set up and taking it down at the end. We fully understand that that is disruptive for competitors, so we do accept family members and friends helping instead.



To compete in Fencing North competitions you must be affiliated with Fencing New Zealand as a full competitive member. The membership starts on the 01/JAN/ and lasts a calendar year. Please always sign up with the same name as in your passport, otherwise we cannot accredit ranking points.

You can sign up to Fencing New Zealand here.

Any questions re your FeNZ affiliation should be directed to

FeNZ Secretary General - Amanda Hopkins

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

See T&C's and Minimum Equipment Requirements here

By entering the competition you agree to these terms and conditions.

Breeches must be worn or you will have to sign a waiver. Please make a reasonable effort to borrow breeches. Contact us before the event if you don’t have any or speak to your coach.


Photography is allowed at all Fencing North competitions. The competition venue is considered a public space.

Non public spaces with full respect of privacy are the changing rooms and the toilets. No photography is allowed in there.

Please do not change in public spaces. If you do, you waive your right to privacy.

Pictures taken at the event can be published on social media, the internet and printed media by Fencing North, spectators and competitors.

See for more details.

All the information collected here is for the sole use of running this event and for contract tracing. We may need to contact you with updates.

Thanks for you understanding and thanks for reading this

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For the 2021 Fencing North Calendar, all weapons must comply with the FIE rules, and Weights and Gauges will be used at the start of every bout!

This rules can be found on the FIE website


Foil: m.6 -13 (especially m.11)

Epee: m.14-2120 (especially m.19)

Sabre: m.21-24


Failure to comply to these rules will result in an automatic yellow card.

If in doubt please check with your coach BEFORE the event to ensure your weapons are compliant, and to avoid a nasty shock on the day.

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Saturday, 23 January 2021 22:25

Fencing North Meeting Minutes - December 2020

Fencing North Inc. Committee Meeting – 07.12.2020

 Meeting Opened:  7:10pm

Present: David Elder (President), Ben Upton (Secretary), Amanda Hopkins (Treasurer), Maja Saran (Head of Tournaments), Rhys Greensill (Fund Raising), Mary Black (Tuatahi), Matthew Houton (Auckland High Performance Fencing Club), Matt Stanley (late)(Whangarei Swords).

Apologies:  Peter Butler

Confirmation of the Previous Minutes:  Minutes approved.

Matters Arising

Rhys gave a report on fund raising.  Venue opportunities outlined –Sub-committee (Rhys and Peter) to continue the search.  Trusts is an adequate tournament and storage venue for now. 

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer presented her report which was approved.  There is current balance of $49,000.  Of that, $12,000 (from Auckland Council), has to be spent on fabric pistes.

Audit of accounts

The AGM discussion led to agreement not to have an audit.  The Constitution needs a general review.  On-going audit requirements can be addressed as part of that.


Maja Saran appointed Head of Tournaments for 2021.

Rhys Greensill appointed Fund Raising Office for 2021.


Bauble Ensemble

This was a success with 72 separate entries with a number of first-time tournament fencers.  $2,430 revenue gained.  There will be some profit.  Could be a good event going forward and a good format (with novice and expert options making it more accessible to more).

Report of Head of Tournaments for 2020

Maja presented her report which was accepted.  There are some important learnings in this report and it is attached.

There was discussion with purchase of a Fencing Time Server Multi pack to be progressed.  Maja to present a budget for this at the next meeting.

Tournament programme

David outlined the draft 2021 Tournament Programme.  This will be finalised following confirmation around venues.  Dates suitable for a Whangarei tournament will be discussed further.  There are also FENZ supported training camps in January.  See below.

Health and Safety

Maja Saran advised of a reported incident (bruise) at the Bauble Ensemble.  David (as Health and Safety Officer) will report in to FENZ.  No further action required.

FeNZ News

There are to be a series of camps, run by regions, which will be supported by FeNZ financially.  The Fencing North camp will take place in late January 2021 for 4 days. There will be a Fencing Central camp in early January.  Affiliation fees (to include a one-event fee) is an on-going discussion.  The National Tournament Calendar for 2021 is set.  How and what team selections there will be for 2021 is under discussion.  

Other Business:

Goals for 2021

There was a discussion about setting goals.  The next meeting will look at everyone’s ideas. 


Committee Meeting dates

Last Monday of each month at 7pm.   Zoom as the default option.  In person meetings can be held by agreement. 


Constitution project

Ben to develop a draft, updated Constitution.  This with a view to introducing it at the next AGM.


Massey University sabre tournament

20th December 2020 (Sunday). Massey University Recreation centre from 10am-4pm. The entry fee remains $50 with a free complete Sabre for the first 20 entries. Further details will be released soon on MUAFF Facebook page.


Meeting Closed:  9:00pm



Monday, 11 January 2021 21:20

FIE 2021 International Competitions Update

 Please see the below from the FIE President on 2021 International Competitions


 1. 2021 Junior and Cadet Zonal Championships

The Junior and Cadet Zonal Championships gather a relatively large number of athletes,

many of whom are minors. The current situation linked to COVID-19 (including flight

fluctuations and restrictions, border access, health measures) is making participation in

these Championships very difficult, and some organisers had to renounce.

Therefore, after consulting the Presidents of the Confederations, the FIE Executive

Committee has decided to cancel the 2021 edition of the Junior and Cadet Zonal


In the near future, the Executive Committee will review the issue of points and rankings for


2. Resuming competitions

Several organisers had to cancel the competitions that were scheduled to be held in

February and others have indicated their willingness to organise competitions. But the

various current restrictions do not allow solutions to be found that are equitable for all

federations. The Executive Committee has therefore decided not to hold competitions

before March 2021.

3. Qualification competitions of March 2021 for the Tokyo Olympic Games

Following on from discussions and work with a number of federations and as some

organisers had to renounce, the Executive Committee has decided to optimize the

organisation of these events and to minimize the travels for federations. As a result, each

weapon (both men and women) will be held in one country and the dates have been slightly


These competitions are therefore planned as follows:

- Sabre World Cups (men and women): Budapest (HUN), 10-14 March

- Epée World Cups (men and women): Kazan (RUS), 19-23 March

- Foil Grand Prix (men and women): Doha (QAT), 26-28 March

We will monitor the situation very closely as it develops. If necessary, decisions and arrangements

will be made, and you will be immediately informed.

4. FIE outline of risk-mitigation requirements for national fencing federations and

competition organisers in the context of COVID-19 (FORMIR- COVID-19)

The Executive Committee has approved the attached updated FIE outline of risk-mitigation


All amendments in the document have been highlighted.

This document is also available on the FIE website:,

as well as a brief summary of the outline.

The document’s amendments include provision for a safety plan before and during the competitions, as

well as one PCR test, in the host country of the competition, for all participants.

Alisher Usmanov



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Want to be a part of taking our amazing sport forward?

Here's a great opportunity for Referees who want to take that next step forward:
The Oceania Fencing Confederation (OFC), with the support of the FIE, is conducting a 7 week online Refereeing Course aimed at beginner, club and state/regional referees
This series of webinars will be free of charge to participants.
It will be one of the first formal online training courses for referees at this level and successful participants will receive a certificate of completion from the OFC/FIE.
The refereeing sessions will be delivered by Nicola Shackleton NZL and Victoria Mentor AUS who are both FIE qualified referees.
The course will include content on the general rules and penalties, epee and foil refereeing and refereeing at competitions.
If you would like to do epee only, there are 5 sessions; if you would like to do foil, there are 6 sessions and doing both weapons will involve the full 7 sessions.
Each session will consist of a 60 minute presentation followed by 15 minutes of question time.
The course will start in February THIS year (dates and times to be confirmed, based on the participants who register) and will be held using Zoom technology.
If you are interested please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
I'll be doing it myself, and encourage everyone to get into it .
Lets all be part of the solution!
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