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Thursday, 25 November 2021 13:53

Fencing New Zealand Summer Camp 2022

Fencing North will be running the first Camp of the year - in Auckland from Thursday 20th January to Sunday 23 January - 10am to 4pm.

The Camp is open to all fencers. Commonwealth Fencing Championship Open, Junior and Cadet Long List fencers are expected to attend. Discounts are available for those who register before 15 December.


Fencers, Coaches, Officials and Spectators Register here:

Participant list:

Contact:              This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Sunday, 07 November 2021 14:53

Fencing North AGM

The Fencing North Inc. Annual General Meeting,which given likely Covid restrictions that will prevent in person attendance by all, will be held using Microsoft Teams (Log in details below) at 7pm on Sunday, 28 November 2021.
The business of the Annual General Meeting will be as follows:
1. To receive and consider the statement of income and expenditure and the balance sheet for the previous financial year ended 31 October 2021.
In this regard, the meeting will be asked to pass a resolution that those financial statements not be audited.
2. To consider the President's report of the state of affairs of Fencing North Inc.
3. To elect Officers and members of the Executive in place of those retiring.  On that, as you all know David Elder has temporarily resigned as President in order to become (interim) President of Fencing New Zealand, due to the illness of Mark Rance.  There will therefore be a vacancy in the position of President and all nominations will be welcomed.  Please advise any nominations ahead of the meeting to this email address.  Failing any nominations the position will be vacant with the Vice President taking the interim role.
The Officers / Executive of Fencing North are:
- President - Vacant - see above
- Vice President - Sunnie Jiaju Sun
- Treasurer - Amanda Hopkins
- Secretary - Ben Upton
- Head of Tournaments - Maja Saran
- Club Representatives - In this case, all Clubs should advise who their representative for Fencing North Inc. will be for 2022 ahead of the meeting - Please email this address with the name and their position can be confirmed at the meeting.
- Schools Representative - Judit Fliszar
Please note we will also be looking for a Media person, to take charge of the Website, FaceBook and Instagram sites which require a little more attention than currently.  If you can take on this role, please email Ben Upton at this email address prior to the meeting.
Only the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary need be elected at the AGM, but (for efficiency) all other executive positions will be confirmed at this meeting.
4.  There is no other business and no remits have been received by 3 or more members for consideration at the AGM.
Please note that a quorum of at least 8 Individual Members plus at least one of the President or Vice President is required.  So, please consider attending in order for that requirement to be met.
There will be a short Executive Committee Meeting immediately after the AGM to address any immediate business.  So please consider this email notice of that meeting too.
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Ben Upton

Secretary - Fencing North Inc.

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