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Monday, 21 February 2022 11:26

Registration for Ongley Open

Still under the motto let's make hay while the sun is shining: registration for Ongley are now open. This competiton is held at Trusts.

Ongley Registration

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Wednesday, 16 February 2022 15:50

Fencing North AGM Minutes - 28 November 2021

Fencing North Inc. Annual General Meeting 28.11.2021

Meeting Opened:  7:03pm

Present: Sunnie Sun (Vice President), David Elder (ex President and for Salle Jean Louis), Ben Upton (Secretary), Peter Butler (Equipment Office and for Auckland Swords), Maja Saran (Head of Tournaments), Rhys Greensill (Fund Raising), Mary Black (Tuatahi), Margaret Black, Fiona Campbell (Health & Safety), Katie Logan (NZ Fencing Academy); Luke Meng; Hannah Choi (Auckland University Swords), Michael Valkenburg.

Quorum achieved

Apologies:  Amanda Hopkins (Treasurer), Arthur Gatland, Matt Stanley (Whangarei Swords)


Chair – In the absence of a President, Ben Upton (Secretary) chaired the meeting.




  1. To receive and consider the statement of income and expenditure and balance sheet for the previous financial year ended 31 October 2021.


Financial statements prepared by Amanda Hopkins had been circulated ahead of the meeting to all members.  There were no comments or questions.  In the absence of Amanda Hopkins (Treasurer), Ben Upton made some brief remarks as requested by her.  These were conveyed to the meeting. 


Resolution – That the financial statements prepared by the Treasurer be accepted.




Resolution – That the approved financial statements not be audited.




  1. To consider the President’s report of the state of affairs of Fencing North Inc.


David Elder (as recently retired President) delivered his report.  His written report was circulated ahead of the meeting.


Katie Logan commented that separate women’s sabre events at senior level were not possible – David to amend his report to reflect that. 


Rhys Greensill commented that Selwyn College has received a further $10,000 grant to start up a new club.


Resolution – That David Elder’s report be accepted.




  1. Election of Officers.


The current Officers and Members of the Executive of Fencing North are:


  • President – Vacant.
  • Vice President – Sunnie Sun – Willing to continue.
  • Treasurer – Amanda Hopkins – Willing to continue.
  • Secretary – Ben Upton – Willing to continue.
  • Head of Tournaments – Maja Saran assisted by Fiona – Willing to continue.
  • Club representatives – The following were advised at the meeting.  Mary Black (Tuatahi), Katie Logan (NZAF), Hannah Choi (Auckland Uni) David Elder (Salle Jean Louis), Peter Butler and Kyle McDonald (Auckland Swords). 
  • Schools Representative – Judit Fliszar – Willing to continue.
  • Rhys Greensill (Fund raising) – Willing to continue
  • Referee co-ordinator – Katie Logan


The following two people have also volunteered to assist as media person – Kirsten Hansen and Adi Mhaskar – They will share these duties with Kirsten operating Social Media and Adi operating a newly updated website.


Resolution  - That the meeting approve all of the above as officers and/or members of the executive of Fencing North Inc.




  1. General Business


No general business was advised.


Meeting Closed:  7:23pm

Fencing North Inc. Committee Meeting – 27.09.2021

 Meeting Opened:  7:00 pm (Microsoft Teams)

Present: David Elder (President), Mary Black (Tuatahi), Ben Upton (Secretary), Amanda Hopkins (Treasurer), Katie Logan (NZ Academy of Fencing), Rhys Greensill, Hannah Choi (University), Peter Butler (Equipment Officer), Maja Saran (Head of Tournaments), Matt Stanley (Whangarei), Sunnie (Vice President, Massey)

Apologies: None received.

Confirmation of the Previous Minutes:  Minutes approved.

Matters Arising: 

Other than Fiona there have been no interest in DT for foil.  Ben to seek to generate interest in this by setting up a foil interest group.

Medals have been obtained. 

We now have 13 pistes (9 fabric and 4 sectional).   Work still to be done on referee training.  NZSS was cancelled.

 Treasurer’s Report

$6k profit this year.  Some of this is grants.  There was a grant from Auckland Council (balance of ‘Pistes for the People’).   There are grants of $17.5k for the year, which is positive.  Most of this has been spent on pistes.  Active money was not ‘tied’.  The last camp covered its costs.  There is $55k in the bank.  Cashbook was circulated ahead of the meeting.    

Report approved.  


There have been no competitions due to Covid.  Nationals are most unlikely.  There will some thought given to running competitions at Level 2.  This could be possible if the 100 limit applies.  However, there are too many uncertainties at this stage.

Matt Stanley reported on how level 2 was working in Whangarei (at Level 2).

Nationals will not be held in Auckland.  FENZ is still looking at whether it may be possible to hold Nationals outside of Auckland (over Labour Weekend).  This will be decided tomorrow.  If not at Labour Weekend, will it be postponed.  There will be issues with school and university exams.  There may be a festival of fencing later in the year.  This will be addressed by FENZ tomorrow.

There will be a training camp in we of 23 January 2022.

Commonwealths and High Performance Training Programme

FENZ has decided that if you want to attend Commonwealth, then you must signal interest (via long list)(20 October).   All clubs to be advised with member email to be sent. 

David Elder has had an approach from Luke Meng (Auckland University) who wants to put forward a High Performance Training Programme for Fencing North fencers interested in looking at going to Commonwealth Championships.  Further questions have been asked.  There are 10 spots available.  This is more fitness based (strength and conditioning) but also linked in with Auckland University fencing training on Saturdays.  Luke is a sabre fencer.

The cost suggested is $50 per person per week.  Total cost $5,000 if fully funded.

Moved that Fencing North contribute $2,000 towards this proposal.  This was not approved.  Fencing North are otherwise happy to promote it.  David Elder to respond to Like Meng. 

Health and Safety

No incidents to report.

Permanent Venue

Rhys Greensill reported.  A good venue was sighted in Waitakere (available 2022) but likely too expensive (rent at $160k pa).  It was also quite difficult to get to.

So there are venues available, but there are on the fringes and prices are increasing.  There remains no clear business plan.   The next step is to put forward a sub-committee to look at working this proposal forward.  Rhys to continue looking.  Peter to look into legal structure with assistance from Ben.


Fund raising is difficult with Covid.  This will continue until Level 2.   There was an application to Active.  This was not accepted as we did not meet the requirements of the fund however this was being progressed via MBIE (re. concept of a Covid recovery fund).  Auckland Council provided a further $1,000 following a final report on ‘Pistes for the People’.    


Set for Sunday, 28th November 2021.

FENZ news

David gave a brief report.  There is heighted presence of drug testing and fencers need to be aware of this.


Growing women’s fencing

Hanna Choi indicated that she was wanting to undertake more work to promote fencing for women.  She was seeking underlying data.  Hanna to be provided core data as required.

Other Business:  

No other business.

Confirmation of next meeting date – No meeting date set tonight.  Covid situation will be kept under review and a meeting convened prior to the AGM if fencing resumes and issues arise. 

Meeting Closed:   9:15 pm

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