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Secondary School Circuit Teams Competition


Welcome to the Teams Events of our 2018 Secondary School Circuit. The three team events are run across three weekends; 4th August, 11th August, and 18th August.


Event Details:


Fencing North Secondary School Circuit - Teams 2018



4th August

Secondary School Foil Teams Pools

11th August

Secondary School Epee and Sabre Teams Pools & Finals

18th August

Secondary School Foil Teams Finals




Massey High School, Don Buck Road, Massey


Registration Timetable:

Registration: 7:45-8:00am

Start Time: 8:30am


The format of the competition are as follows:

The school teams event will be run across three Saturdays in August. Foil will run over both 4th and 18th August (Pools on the 4th and DE on the 18th) and Epee/Sabre will run the full event on the 11th August.

If you want to know how a team match works - read this great description: http://

Teams must have a minimum of three fencers, but fourth & fifth fencers as reserves are recommended (although only 3 fencers + 1 reserve can fence in each match).

Fencers can be members of a Foil team and an Epee or Sabre team, but cannot be members of both an Epee and Sabre team as these are on the same day.

The event will be mixed gender and mixed gender teams are allowed. Schools can enter as many teams as they like in each weapon. There will be no composite teams.



  • Fencers in a team must stay the same throughout the entire comp, I.e. the same people must fence in the pool round as in the Direct Elimination round.

  • With the foil event being split over two Saturdays, fencers must be present at the first Saturday (pools) to fence in the second Saturday (direct elimination)

  • A team may consist of one or both genders.

  • A fencer and/or team must compete in the pool round to compete in the direct elimination round.



Competitors in this circuit need to be affiliated with Fencing North and Fencing New Zealand. Memberships can be completed online from this link here - go to the Membership List page here to check if you are already a member for 2018


Gear Requirements:

You will need a fencing jacket, plastron, bodywire, lame jacket (foil/sabre), maskwire (foil/ sabre), weapon, mask (+ electric bib for foil), chest protector (girls), and glove. If you don't have breeches you must wear trackpants - you can't fence in shorts.

There will be limited gear available for hire on a first come first served basis. There is jackets, breeches, plastrons and masks.



There will be a canteen at each event.


Set Up & Pack Up Schedule:

These are large events and our volunteers need your help to set up and pack up the gym at Massey. Take note of when your school is rostered on and you need to help out.

Entry Fee:
The entry fee is $120 per team. Entries can be paid on the day or we can invoice your school if the school is paying.

If you want to pay online the account number is 01-0297-0024774-00 and should you choose to do this please reference the payment with your team name and SS18. You can enter by using the form at the bottom of this page.

Entries close on the 29th July for Foil teams and the 5th of August for Sabre and Epee Teams so get in quick!

Entry Form



Contact the organiser at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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