Open Epee Teams Competition 2019 Featured

Open Epee Teams Competitions 2019


Welcome to the Open Epee Teams Events. We invite all epee fencers to come along and give it their all.


Event Details


The Open Epee teams event is held over two rounds of Pools followed by a Div. A & Div B final. Team matches are a bit different from individual matches. If you’ve never fenced in a team match before, they’re great fun – see a useful description here.


The competition is open to all fencers. All fencers must be affiliated to Fencing New Zealand to enter (see further below).

Each teams must consist of 3-4 fencers who ideally all train at the same club – three fencers are the minimum, but we recommend having a fourth as reserves. Teams can be mixed gender and clubs or schools can enter as many teams as they like in each weapon. Each team should have a captain who will organise the team and spearhead the tactics.. 

Fencers who do not have a team can enter as individuals. On the day they will be randomly placed in a team. There will be plenty of fencing for everyone!

NB: Fencers will be presiding in pool rounds.


The event will be held on Saturday June 22nd.

Event timetable:

Entry form closes: Thursday 20th June, 10pm.

Registration and Setup: 8:15-8:30am

Start Time: 9:00am


Setup and Packup

Estimated finish time is around 4pm

Teams will be expected to help with setup and packup of the competition equipment.


Trusts Arena (65-67 Central Park Dr, Henderson, Auckland).

How Much?

The entry fee is $100 per team, or $25 for an individual who will be placed into teams at organisers discretion..

The entry fee can be paid in cash on the day

Who can I ask for help?

Email the Tournament Organiser (Kyle) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What gear do we need?

Each fencer will need a fencing jacket, plastron, body wire, weapon, mask , chest protector (girls), and glove. If you don’t have breeches you must wear trackpants - you can’t fence in shorts. There will be a limited amount of gear available for hire on the day (masks, jackets, breeches and plastrons).

Fencers in the same team will be allowed to share some electric gear if the club doesn’t have enough. However, make sure that each team has at least two full sets of gear (one for the person fencing, one for the person standing by). We also recommend testing and fixing your body wires before arriving at the competition – see information about fixing wires here


Event Entry

Team Chant

Please be ready with your team chant, at the completion of every match.

Entry Form

To help organise the day please enter your team here.

NB: Entries will close at Thursday 20th June 10pm – don’t miss out!

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