NZAF Sabre Handicap Tournament

NZAF Handicap Sabre Tournament

New Zealand Academy of Fencing is proud to present our first Handicap Sabre Tournament! This is a fun tournament for anyone who has ever held a sabre (even if it was just to do the Zorro thing). It's open to fencers of all ages and genders, club members or not, so bring a friend along and have a bash. 

The tournament will be held at the Epsom Girls Grammar School Old Gym at 10am on Sunday 14th of July. The entry fee will be free for club members and $15 for non-members. 

But this tournament is a little different from what you might have seen before. Each entrant will be given a handicap - i.e., they will start each bout with a predefined number of points, and have to fence first to five from there. This can be positive or negative depending on whether the fencer needs a helping hand or a hindrance - a very experienced sabreur might start on -3 points, while their rank beginner opponent could start on +3. That means that anyone could win the tournament on a good day!

And what do you get if you win? Nothing less than a complete S2000 Sabre. Whether you've broken a few blades recently or you've just started thinking about getting a weapon of your own, this might be the chance you've been waiting for!

If you haven't fenced with us before, please come and visit a training night beforehand so that we have a chance to beat you up to judge what your handicap should be. 

If you're keen, please fill out the entry form here. Hope to see you there!

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