North Island Championships 2019

North Island Fencing Championships 2019

It is Fencing North's pleasure to host the 2019 North Island Fencing Championships, as well as the National Veterans' Foil Championships.

Key Questions


North Islands is a National Open Individual tournament. It is open to fencers of all ages, all weapons, from all over the country. The competition is hosted by either Fencing North or Fencing Central every year, on behalf of Fencing New Zealand.

The Veterans' Foil is open to any fencer who is 40 or older by the day of the competition.


Saturday 17th-Sunday 18th of August.


Trusts Arena, 65-7 Central Park Drive, Henderson, Auckland.


Entries close Wednesday 14th August
Friday 16th August Start End
Setup and Gear Check 8:30pm* 9:30pm
*Time may change closer to the date.
Saturday 17th August Registration Start
Venue opens 7:30am
Men's Foil 8:15-8:30am 9:00am
Women's Epee 10:15-10:30am 11:00am
Men's & Women's Sabre
Veterans' Foil
1:30pm 3:00pm**
**Event will start after the Men's Foil is finished.
Sunday 18th August Registration Start
Venue opens 7:30am
Men's Epee 8:15-8:30am 9:00am
Women's Foil 10:15-10:30am 11:00am

Gear Requirements

See this page for the Fencing New Zealand gear requirements

Note that FeNZ is not enforcing the 2018 FIE Mask Protocols at National competitions at this stage. See the FeNZ mask guidelines

Weapons Check

At this event it is important the every competitor has working equipment. All electric equipment and weapons will be checked before the event. If your equipment does not work you will not be allowed to fence, so it is recommended that you check your own gear before you arrive.

Weapons check will be open on Friday evening and for one hour before each event. Auckland fencers are expected to attend weapons check on Friday and help set up.



All entrants must be affiliated as full competitive members of Fencing New Zealand (with all fees paid).

If you have been affiliated before this year, go to this link to reaffiliate.

If you have not been affiliated before this year, go to this link to affiliate.

Entry Fee

  • $55 for first weapon.
  • $30 for additional weapons
  • $35 for the Veterans' Foil.

You can pay in cash on the day, or by internet banking.

  • Bank Account: 01-0297-0024774-00
  • Name: Fencing North
  • Reference: Your Name + NI19

Entry Form

Entries close on Wednesday 14th of August. Late entries may incur an additional fee.

The entry form can be found here.


For questions, email Katie Logan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Feel free to email if you want to offer to help as well!

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