North U20s/U23s Champs

Welcome to the Fencing North Under-20s and Under-23s championships, to be held on the 21st of September!

Key Questions


The Under-20s and Under-23s will be held as a combined event. The best fencer under 20 will win an additional prize!

Who can enter?

To enter as an under-20 fencer, you must have been 19 or younger on January 1st 2019. To enter as an under-23 fencer, you must have been 22 or younger on January 1st 2019.

To enter, you must be affiliated as a full competitive member of Fencing North. To affiliate or renew your affiliation, go to this link.


Saturday 21st of September.


Trusts Arena, 65-7 Central Park Drive, Henderson, Auckland.


Please ensure that you arrive in plenty of time to attend registration before your event.

Gym Opens + Setup*


Foil Registration


Foil Start


Epee Registration


Epee Start


Sabre Registration


Sabre Start



*All fencers are expected to help with setup and/or packup.


All entrants must have the following equipment to enter:

  • Protective clothing: 350N Jacket, 350N Plastron, Glove, Trackpants or Breeches+Long Socks, Chest Protector (women).
  • Working Electric Equipment (where applicable to your weapon): Weapon, Body Wire, Mask Wire, Lamé, 350N Mask (with electric bib for foil), Cuff/Gauntlet.
  • Please note that all masks must have two methods of securing them to your head (e.g. tongue and strap, double safety strap). Masks with frayed or worn elastic are unsafe and may be rejected.
  • If there is a higher standard of equipment available, we recommend that you use it.


Entries will close at 12pm (midday) on Friday, September 20th.

Entry Fee

The entry fee for this competition is:

  • $25 for the first weapon.
  • $5 for each additional weapon.
  • $5 penalty for late entry.

Entry Form

You can find the entry form here.

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