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North Opens 2019 - Saturday 12th October

North Opens 2019 – Saturday 12th October

Fencing North invites fencers to attend North Opens, the North regional championship event!


Key Questions


North Opens is a regional open championship event – an opportunity to show off everything you’ve learned this year, practise for Nationals and maybe even get something shiny to show for it!

Who can enter?

This competition is open to any fencer of any age, weapon and gender. You do not need to live in the North region to enter.

The only restriction: you must be affiliated as a full competitive member of Fencing New Zealand. To affiliate or renew your affiliation, go to this link.


Saturday 12th of October.


Trusts Arena, 65-7 Central Park Drive, Henderson, Auckland.



Please ensure that you arrive in plenty of time to set up the gym and attend registration before your event. All fencers are expected to help with setup before the competition and packup afterwards.

Gym Opens + Setup*


Foil Registration


Foil Start


Sabre Registration


Sabre Start


Epee Registration


Epee Start




There will not be a gear check at this competition; however, all fencers are expected to report with working electrics and a high standard of protective gear. If you do not have the correct equipment, you may not be allowed to fence.

All entrants must have the following equipment to enter:

  • Protective clothing: 350N Jacket, 350N Plastron, Glove, Trackpants or Breeches+Long Socks, Chest Protector (women).
  • Working Electric Equipment (where applicable to your weapon): Weapon, Body Wire, Mask Wire, Lamé, 350N Mask (with electric bib for foil), Cuff/Gauntlet.
  • Please note that all masks must have two methods of securing them to your head (e.g. tongue and strap, double safety strap). Masks with frayed or worn elastic are unsafe and may be rejected.
  • If there is a higher standard of equipment available, we recommend that you use it.



Entries will close at 12pm (noon) on Friday 11th October. Late entries may be accepted at the DT’s discretion, and will incur an additional fee.  

Entry Fee

The entry fee for this competition is:

  • $25 for the first weapon.
  • $5 for each additional weapon.
  • $5 penalty for late entries.

You can pay in cash on the day, or by internet banking. If you are paying by internet banking, the entry form will ask you to pay immediately and confirm that you have done so. If you do not confirm this, you may be asked to provide proof of payment on the day.

  • Bank Account: 01-0297-0024774-00
  • Name: Fencing North
  • Reference: Your Name + NOpens2019

There will be no refund of entry fees if the fencer does not present at their event without notifying competition organisers at least one hour prior.


In order to support the development of fencing outside of Auckland, Fencing North has decided to waive entry fees for out-of-towners. Therefore, entry is free for members of Fencing North who live outside the Greater Auckland region.

As usual, out-of-town fencers must be fully affiliated to Fencing NZ to enter, and pay the affiliation fee.

Entry Form

Entries are now CLOSED. If you have have any issues directly before the competition (late entries, withdrawals, etc.), please call or text Maja on 02041732171.

You will receive an email confirmation once you have submitted your entry.



If you have have any issues directly before the competition (late entries, withdrawals, etc.), please call or text Maja on 02041732171.

For any issues or enquiries before the competition, you can email Katie on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Feel free to email if you want to offer to help as well!