Fencing North AGM

Wednesday 13th December 2013, 7.30pm

Harcourts, 320 Remuera Rd, Auckland



John Garelja (President)

Oliver Agnew (Secretary)

Gaylene Ongley

Anya Kamynina

Nelly Dyson

Heather Claydon

Laura Harvey (Holding proxy for Judit Fliszar)

Anna Powell

Jeremy Dyson

Isabelle Williams

Rex Hefferen

Johann Ryu

Chris Lear


Judit Fliszar (Vice-President)

Daniel Garelja

Meeting starts at 7.35pm

Confirmation of minutes of the previous meeting:

Laura Harvey moves we accept the minutes from the previous AGM, seconded by Vicky Fan. All in favour.

Matters arising:


President’s report:

Rex Hefferen moves that we accept the president’s report, seconded by Heather Claydon. All in favour.

Secretary’s report:

Gaylene Ongley moves that we accept the secretary’s report, John Garelja seconds. All in favour. 

Treasurer’s report:

Treasurer’s report presented on behalf of David Grieg by Oliver Agnew.

 Laura Harvey moves that we accept the treasurer’s report, Heather Claydon seconds. All in favour.

Nomination of officers:

Thank you to David Grieg and Judit Fliszar for their work as treasurer and vice president this year, and best of luck to the elected executive for 2014.



Rex Hefferen nominates John Garelja, Vicky Fan seconds. All in favour.

 Vice President:

Rex Hefferen nominates Heather, Anna Powell seconds. All in favour.


      Gaylene Ongley nominates Oliver Agnew, Rex Hefferen seconds. All in favour


Heather Claydon nominates Johann Ryu, Gaylene Ongley seconds. All in favour.

Setting of fees:

Gaylene moves that we set fees for associate members to $30, and full members to $40. Seconded by Anna. Passed by majority.

Meeting closed at 8.34pm



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