Fencing North Committee Meeting

Wednesday 7th May 2014, 7.30pm

NZAF Clubroom, Greenlane, Auckland


Oliver Agnew

Gaylene Ongley

Laura Harvey

Jeremy Dyson

Chris Lear

Heather Claydon

Johann Ryu

John Garelja





Meeting starts at 7.30pm


Confirmation of previous minutes. Laura Harvey moves that we accept the minutes, Heather Claydon seconds.

Confirmation that NZ SS and NZ U20 are booked at Massey School Gym at 4th-7th September

Gaylene has managed to organise the medowbank community centre for our monthly meetings and will cost $13/night. This venue will be large enough for the AGM. Gaylene will confirm this booking.

Gaylene will book the AGM for the 14th December at the medowbank community centre. Gaylene will get an invoice for this and other meetings to be held there.

Heather is going to organise a list of events for next year in as a draft tournament calendar.

Oliver is to organise Fencing North medals. Jeremy moves that we purchase a year’s worth of medals, Laura seconds. Cost is estimated to be ~$800

Secondary School Circuit will be catered by EGGS. North Islands will be catered by Auckland High Performance Fencing.

Laura Harvey will approve presentation of cards for referees that they will need for food at Secondary Schools and North Islands.

Fencing North will endeavour to set up 4 pistes minimum at regional events.


Oceanics 2013 Outstanding Expenses:

$264.79 for airfares $398.50 for accom to be paid to Steve Clarke. $663.29 total. Laura moves that we pay this, Gaylene seconds.

$733.13 needs to be paid to St Johns, Jeremy moves that we pay this, Oliver seconds.

Hall Hire:

$525.00 needs to be paid to Massey High School for hall hire. Oliver moves that we pay this, Laura seconds.

Annual Accounting Expenses:

$287.50 needs to be paid to Drew Accounting; Laura moves that we pay this, Oliver seconds.

Meeting Hall Hire Expenses:

We expect the invoice from Meadowbank community centre to be $78. Jeremy moves that we approve this payment when we receive the invoice. Laura seconds.



Meeting closed at 8.40pm

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