Fencing North Committee Meeting

Wednesday 30th July 2014, 7.30pm

Meadowbank Community Centre, Meadowbank



John Garelja - President

Heather Claydon - Vice President

Oliver Agnew - Secretary (holds Johann Ryu’s proxy)

Gaylene Ongley

Laura Harvey

Jeremy Dyson

Chris Lear



Judit Fliszar

Anya Kamynina

Johann Ryu


Meeting starts at 7.30pm

Confirmation of previous minutes. Jeremy Dyson moves that we accept the minutes,  John Garelja seconds.


Level 0 Coaching Clinics and accreditation:

We don’t have anyone in Auckland to do accreditation of coaches at any level. Judit/Anya need to be re-accredited through this system in order to give out accreditation. Laura should email Leon Thomas to work out how this works.


NZ SS & Under 20s: 

Gym at Massey High is booked.

Massey High may waive hall hire for Thursday/Friday

Discussion about referees, we are happy to spend money to bring two referees up for this event. We will explore requirements for additional referees as entries come in.

Trophies need to be organised for this event. These need to be sent to Gaylene Ongley. Need to email Vanda Symon to organise who was awarded with trophies so we can acquire them. We need a copy of the FeNZ form.

Jeremy moves that a form be used when trophies are handed out and that the recipients of the trophy must sign the form. This form must include a clause that states that the holder of the trophy holds the trophy for 11 months and must return the trophy in good order at the end of those 11 months. Seconded by Laura Harvey. All in favour.

On the entry form, we will have a field for Auckland Fencers to select if they will help out on Wednesday night or Sunday (or neither). If we don’t get enough we will approach the neither group to help out.



Gaylene will create a list of missing trophies so we can ask for sponsors to replace these.  


Other business:


Named Competitions: 

At some point in the future, Gaylene will delve into records and her own knowledge to work out who the named competitions are in honour of and write some words about these people so we can build our own history.


Oliver’s report on Asian Champs/World Champs:

Oliver has made a report to the North meeting. Oliver will write a formal report including criticisms and recommendations, which North endorses and will table at the next FeNZ meeting. Chris moves and Heather seconds, all in favour.


Meeting closes 9:25pm

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