Future Venue Update

Last night Delegates from clubs from across the region gathered to look at a the concept of setting up a permanent venue in Fencing North for our fantastic sport!

The initial proposal is that this facility could be used for tournaments and club nights in future, and provide a central hub for the Region.

By unanimous vote it was decided that Rhys Greensill and Pete Butler should continue their initial work and be co-opted onto a sub-committee to truly explore the possibilities.


All club's have been sent an overview, and delegates have been asked to meet with their clubs to ask if their club's would be interested in using the facility for club nights, and to put together a list of what they would need in order to do so.

They've also been asked to provide a map showing which areas they believe would be preferable for their clubs to make use of it.

These need to be completed by Monday 22nd March. Please do everything you can to help your club committees compile these.


This is an exciting development for our whole sport, and I ask that everyone get behind this initiative and do all you can to help.


One of the other issues raised was the ongoing issue of communication from our committee.

This is something we are continuously trying to improve, but please remember, there are only a very small handful of part time volunteers doing all the work to make things happen.

We desperately need a Communications Officer - someone who can ensure the word gets out to all our members.

If you think you can help - please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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