Congratulations to Fencing North's Juniors who swept the medals at the U15/U17 Nationals

Congratulations to all the Fencing North Juniors who fenced over the weekend in Wellington at the National U15 and U17 Tournament.

Particularly the medal winners:

Women's U17 Foil

1. Chantelle May

2. Sophia Lee

3= Azaria Eddy

Men's U17 Foil

1. Jonathon Greensill

3= Leon Cui        

3= Yuwei Cao 

Women's U17 Epee 

1. Jessie Yan

3= Margaret Black

3= Elsie Lins    


Women's U15 Foil

3= Wendy Wen


Womens U15 Epee

 1. Elsie Lins    

 3= Jessie Yan

Men's Sabre

2. Rich Cheng

Women's Sabre

2. Jianggi Huiqiao


Men's U15 Foil

1. Leo Zhou

3= Yuwei Cao


Men's U15 Epee

3= Jack Hansen

Women's U15 Epee

3= Euvgenia Abramova



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