Fencing North Secondary School Circuit 2015


Secondary School Circuit 2015

Welcome to this year’s Secondary School Fencing Circuit! Fencing North are very excited to hold this event again and can’t wait to kick it off. This year in early September we will also be running the National Secondary School and Under 20 Championships, this circuit will be awesome training for nationals.

The 2015 Secondary School Circuit is due to start on the 9th May. The circuit is split into two components, an individual series and a team series. The individual series runs across four weekends, 9th May - 23rd May - 6th June - 20th June, the teams series runs across two weekends, 1st August and 15th August. The circuit and is open to anyone currently at primary or secondary school and the weapons fenced this year will be foil, sabre, and epee.

We also have a competition for a female fencer to win a mask! Check out the details here: http://www.fencingnorth.com/270/win-a-fencing-mask

The Epsom Girls Grammar Fencing Club will be running a canteen at each event. There will also be some free food/drinks provided at the individual finals and team finals, friends and family are welcome to come along and enjoy this!

The format of the competitions are as follows & entry form is at the bottom of this page:



The first three weekends are run as competitions with both poule and elimination rounds. The fourth weekend will run as an elimination competition - we use results from the first three weekends to determine rankings for the fourth. If you attend all of the competitions you have a better chance at getting higher rankings.


The school teams event will be run across three Saturdays in August

1st August: Foil Team Poules
15th August: Epee/Sabre Team Poules and Finals
29th August: Foil Team Finals

Teams must consist of a minimum of three fencers, but a fourth as a reserve is recommendedFencers can be members of a Foil team and an Epee or Sabre team, but cannot be members of both an Epee and Sabre team as these are on the same day.

The entry fee is $100 per team. Entries can be paid on the day or we can invoice your school if the school is paying. If you want to pay online the account number is 01-0297-0024774-00 and should you choose to do this please reference the payment with your team name and SS15. You can enter by having a coach, captain or school teacher email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your team name, weapon and members. (eg. Hogwarts 1, Foil, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Neville Longbottom). Entries close on 10th July so get in quick!

Event Details:


Fencing North Secondary School Fencing Circuit 2015



9th May

Secondary School Individual #1

23rd May

Secondary School Individual #2

6th June

Secondary School Individual #3

20th June

Secondary School Individual Finals 


1st August

Secondary School Teams Poules

15th August

Secondary School Teams Finals



Massey High School - Jack Adam Gymnasium, 274 Don Buck Rd













Registration Timetable:


Individual Events:

Boys' and Girls' Sabre

8.45am  8.30am

Boys' and Girls' Epee

8.45am  8.30am

Boys' Foil


Girls' Foil



Team Events:

School Foil Teams

8.45am - indicative

School Sabre Teams

11.45am - indicative 


Registration cut off will be 5mins after the registration times. Event start times are expected to be 15mins after registration time.


Competitors in this circuit need to be affiliated with Fencing North and Fencing New Zealand. Affiliation forms can be completed online or downloaded from this link here.

We will have affiliation forms at the event if you don't get a chance to do this ahead of the competition.

Gear Requirements:

You will need a fencing jacket, bodywire, lame jacket (foil/sabre), bodywire, weapon, mask (conductive bib not required for foil), chest protector (girls), and glove. If you don't have breeches you need to wear trackpants - you can't fence in shorts. 


Entry Fee:

Entry fees can be paid on arrival when you check in at the event

Individual events                

$20 - no additional charge for fencing multiple weapons

Team event                      

$100 per team for the whole team competition (team event entries will be organised once the individual  competitions have started)

Fencers who compete at the first three individual events will get free entry into the individual finals.

Fill in the form below to enter, you can enter multiple individual events in one form. Please enter as early as you can, it helps us to organise referees.



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