FeNZ Codes of Conduct General (October 2015)

For all Regions, Clubs, Members and Persons:

 Must ensure that Fencing is always conducted in a disciplined and sporting manner and acknowledge that it is not sufficient to rely upon the organisers to maintain these principles
 Shall co-operate in ensuring that the spirit of the Laws of Fencing are upheld and only select fencers that uphold these Laws
 Shall observe the Fencing Laws at all times
 Shall accept and observe the authority and decisions of referees, organisers and all other fencing disciplinary bodies
 Shall not publish or cause to be published criticism of the manner in which a referee handled a fight
 Shall not publish or cause to be published criticism of the manner in which the Board or any other fencing disciplinary body handled or resolved any dispute or disciplinary matter arising from a breach of the Bye-laws, Regulations or Laws of the Sport
 Shall not engage in any conduct or any activity on or off the piste that may impair public confidence in the honest and orderly conduct of a fight, competition Championship or Series or in the integrity and good character of any Person
 Shall promote the reputation of the Sport and take all possible steps to prevent it from being brought into disrepute
 Shall not commit a Doping Offence as defined in the FIE / NSDA / FeNZ doping regulations
 Shall not abuse , threaten or intimidate a referee, organiser or other official, or other competitors whether on or off the piste
 Shall not use crude or abusive language or gestures towards referees, organisers or other officials, other competitors, or spectators
 Shall not do anything which is likely to intimidate, offend, insult, humiliate or discriminate against any other person at an event on the grounds of their religion, race, colour or national or ethnic origin
 Shall not do anything which adversely affects the Sport of Fencing , the Board, any member or any commercial partner of the sport

Each body within FeNZ is under an obligation to:

Comply with and ensure that each of its members comply with this Code of Conduct, and adopt procedures to monitor compliance with and impose sanctions for breaches of the Code of Conduct by Persons under its jurisdiction.

Note: ‘Person’ means a fencer, trainer, referee, organiser, coach, selector, armourer, medical officer, physiotherapist or any other individual who is or has been at any time involved in the Sport, or in the organisation, administration or promotion of the Sport including spectators and supporters.

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