Fencing North AGM Minutes - 2014

Fencing North Annual General Meeting Minutes 2014

Meadowbank Community Centre, 7.30pm – 3rd December 2014



See end of document for a proxy list


Oliver Agnew

Tommy Leigh

Christine Chen

Katie Logan

Matthew Hill

Chris Bell

Vicky Fan

Rex Hefferen

Alexander Gregory

Alex Jacobs

Adrian Roberts

Sarah Gatland

Sara Louise Williams

Laura Harvey

Alice Boyd

Judit Fliszar

Linda Boyd

Eric Buisman

Nicola Buisman

Anya Kamynina

Hamish Bulmer

Clovis Dyson

Annika Siegers

Sarah Lesiak

John Garelja

Gaylene Ongley

Jeremy Dyson

Johann Ryu

Daniel Garelja - arrived at 8.10pm

Cesar Dyson

Nelly Dyson – non-member (cannot vote)

Isabelle Williams – non-member (cannot vote)

 Simone May – non-member (cannot vote) 


Meeting starts 7.30pm


1. Apologies:

Apologies from Heather Claydon, Michael Claydon, Jonathan Claydon, and Linus Harder Barfoot.


Alice Boyd moves we accept these apologies. Jeremy Dyson seconds. All in favour


2. Confirmation of Minutes from Previous AGM

John moves these are true and accurate. Rex seconds. All in favour


3. Matters Arising from Previous AGM

No matters arising


4. President's Report

John moves we accept his report. Johann seconds. All in favour.


5. Vice-President's Report

John moves we accept this report. Jeremy seconds. All in favour.


6. Secretary's Report

Oliver moves we accept this report. Johann seconds. All in favour.


7. Treasurer's Report

Johann moves we accept this report. Gaylene seconds. All in favour.


8. Election of Executive Officers

President: John Garelja is duly elected as no one else is standing against him.

Vice President: Eric Buisman is duly elected with 29 votes. Heather Claydon received 14 votes.

Secretary: Oliver Agnew is duly elected as no one else is standing against him.

Treasurer: Linda Boyd is duly elected as no one else is standing against her.


9. Setting of Fees for 2015

Oliver Agnew moves that we set the Fencing North affiliation fee to students at $0, and the affiliation fee for non-students to $30 for associates and $40 for full members. Seconded by Tommy Leigh. Large majority in favour.


Meeting closes at 8.46pm


Proxy List

Member (Proxy held)


Oliver Agnew (Kyle Macdonald)

Alex Jacob (Lena Jacob)

Christine Chen (Laura Jacks)

Adrian Roberts (Olivia Roberts)

Tommy Leigh (Sasha Green)

Sara-Louise Williams (Sophie Elborough)

Clovis Dyson (Reilly Oliver)

Laura Harvey (Chris Lear)

Chris Bell (Hamish Chan)

Annika Siegers (Jessica Gracie)

Judit Fliszar (Stephanie Wyllie)

Nicola Buisman (Murray Boucher)

Sarah Gatland (Oliver Jacks)

Hamish Bulmer (Sophie Kincaid)

Alexander Gregory (Roman Amor)

John Garelja (Heather Claydon)

Daniel Garelja (Michael Claydon)

Gaylene Ongley (Jonathan Claydon)


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