Fencing North Meeting - April 2015

Fencing North Committee Meeting

Wednesday 1st April 2015, 7.30pm

Meadowbank Community Centre, Meadowbank



John Garelja (President)

Eric Buisman (Vice-President)

Linda Boyd (Treasurer)

Oliver Agnew (Secretary) - (Judit Fliszar's proxy)

Chris Lear

Gaylene Ongley

Jeremy Dyson

Laura Harvey - (Chris Lear's proxy)




Chris Lear

Judit Fliszar


Meeting starts 7.25pm:


Minutes from previous meeting:

Oliver Agnew moves that we accept the minutes, Laura Harvey seconds. All in favour.


Matters arising from previous meeting:

Event in Hamilton – Laura Harvey and Heather Claydon are talking to Chris Nokes to organise an event.



Jeremy Dyson moves that we pay Eric Buisman $61.96 for prizes he bought for W Dawn. Laura Harvey seconds – all in favour.



Treasurer’s Report:

Linda moves that we accept the treasurer’s report, John Garelja seconds. All in favour.


Project Kaipara:

Eric Buisman moves that a scoping exercise be commenced to seek grants to achieve the objectives of Project Kaipara. Jeremy Dyson seconds. All in favour.


Competitions Report:

The tournament subcommittee will give a report at each meeting on competitions that were run between that meeting and the previous Fencing North meeting.

The report should include:

Number of entries
Amount spent on prizes
Any entry vouchers used/given


Referee Compensation:

Referees who spend a day refereeing at a Secondary School or Age Group Champ event will be given a free entry voucher to any regional open competition. This will be managed by Laura Harvey.

Meeting closed at 8.40pm

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