Fencing North Meeting - May 2015

Fencing North Committee Meeting

Wednesday 6th May 2015, 7.30pm

Meadowbank Community Centre, Meadowbank 


John Garelja (President)

Linda Boyd (Treasurer)

Oliver Agnew (Secretary)

Chris Lear

Gaylene Ongley

Jeremy Dyson

Laura Harvey

Hamish Bulmer



Eric Buisman (Vice-President)

Judit Fliszar

Anya Kamynina


Meeting starts 7.25pm:


Minutes from previous meeting:

John Garelja moves that we accept the minutes, Laura Harvey seconds. All in favour.


Matters arising from previous meeting:

1. We are still waiting to hear about an event in Hamilton.

2. Oliver has one quote for equipment required for Project Kaipara. Jeremy Dyson is going to get another one.


Treasurer’s Report:

Linda moves that we accept the treasurer’s report, John Garelja seconds. All in favour.

We need to submit our financial statements from 2013 to the Companies Office. 

Jeremy Dyson moves that the 2013 financial statements be filed with the companies’ office forthwith and the President of Fencing North (John Garelja) is instructed to sign the required paperwork on behalf of Fencing North. Laura Harvey seconds. All in favour.

Competitions Report:

Tournament sub committee provided reports on Ongley Open and Regional u20 Champs.

Event:​ Fencing North U20 Champs 2/5/15 Entrants

Foil: 30

Epee: 12

Sabre: 6

Total number of fencers: 45

Entry vouchers: 2 redeemed

Event: ​Ongley Open 19/4/15 Entrants

Foil: 18

Epee: 10

Sabre: 10 (held Wednesday 29th April)

Total number of fencers: 33

Entry vouchers: 5 issued



Gaylene Ongley moves that we pay $40 to Auckland Swords for two fencers presenting free entries vouchers that competed at Ongley Open. John Garelja seconds. All in favour.

Chris moves that we pay $25 to University of Auckland Fencing Club for an entry that was paid to Fencing North that should have gone to the university club. John Garelja seconds. All in favour.


Secondary School Circuit:

We are going to roster schools on to the set up and pack up for each day of the SS Circuit.


Gear letter to Fencing NZ:

John is going to write a letter to FeNZ asking what equipment is being sent from the FIE this year.


Commonwealth Veteran Fencing Championships 2016:

Fencing North moves that if there is a financial risk involved then New Zealand should not run the 2016 Commonwealth Veteran Fencing Championships


New Zealand Teams Competition:

Oliver will email each of the regions requesting expressions of interest to enter for a NZ Teams competition. Deadline for entries will be 31st of May. If we don’t get enough expressions of interest we won’t run the event.


Meeting closed at 8.40pm

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