Fencing North Meeting - June 2015

Fencing North Committee Meeting

Wednesday 6th June 2015, 7.30pm

Meadowbank Community Centre, Meadowbank



John Garelja (President)

Linda Boyd (Treasurer)

Oliver Agnew (Secretary) – holds proxy for Hamish Bulmer

Nelly Dyson – holds proxy for Gaylene Ongley

Jeremy Dyson

Laura Harvey – holds proxy for Chris Lear



Eric Buisman (Vice-President)

Judit Fliszar

Anya Kamynina

Hamish Bulmer

Gaylene Ongley


Meeting starts 7.30pm:


Minutes from previous meeting:

John Garelja moves that we accept the minutes, Jeremy Dyson seconds. All in favour.


Matters arising from previous meeting:



President’s Report:

John Garelja moves that we accept the President’s report, Oliver Agnew seconds. All in favour.


Treasurer’s Report:

Oliver Agnew moves that we accept the treasurer’s report, John Garelja seconds. All in favour.


Competitions Report:

Tournament sub committee provided reports on Ongley Open and Regional u20 Champs.


Event:​ Secondary School #1

Foil: 30 boys / 25 girls

Epee: 6 boys / 12 girls

Sabre: 10 (8 boys / 2 girls)

Total number of fencers: 71

Entry vouchers: 8 issued


Event:​ Macleavy Champs

Foil: 26

Epee: 14

Sabre: 8

Total number of fencers: 45

Entry vouchers: 5 redeemed


Event: Secondary School #2

Foil: 41 boys / 26 girls

Epee: 10 boys / 12 girls

Sabre: 12 (10 boys / 2 girls)

Total number of fencers: 87

Entry vouchers:  6 issued



Jeremy Dyson moves we pay outstanding affiliations to Fencing New Zealand, ($3690.00) Laura Harvey seconds. All in favour. This brings the total paid so far to $6240.00 for 118 full members and 17 associate members. 

Laura Harvey moves that we pay her $94 to cover prizes, Oliver Agnew seconds this. All in favour.

Laura Harvey moves that we pay Eric Buisman $217.71 to cover prizes, Linda Boyd seconds. All in favour.

Oliver Agnew moves that we pay John Garelja $460.00 to cover the cupboards he purchased to store equipment in. Jeremy Dyson seconds. All in favour. 

Oliver Agnew moves that we pay Jess Gracie $225.50 for Fencing North’s canteen expenses at SS1 & SS2. Laura Harvey seconds. All in favour.


New Zealand Teams Competition:

We haven’t received any firm expressions of intent to enter a National Teams competition. We were hoping for at least 8 teams for any of the six events to go ahead, but unfortunately this didn't happen. We have called off the event and let the other regions know.


Assistance to Fencing North Fencers Competing Abroad:

We have decided to pay for the most expensive entry fee for each of our fencers competing overseas in June/July this year at Asian Champs/World Champs/Commonwealth Junior/Cadet Championships/World University Games. We expect that this will cost us $530, and we will need fencers to provide a receipt for their entry fee before we pay them back for this. Fencers benefiting from this are Alice Boyd, Chris Bell, Hamish Chan, Daniel Garelja, Darya Kharitonova, and Stephanie Wyllie. The motion to do this was moved by Jeremy Dyson and seconded by Oliver Agnew - John Garelja and Linda Boyd abstained, all others were in favour. 


Catering for NZ Secondary Schools and U20 Championships:

Catering services at this event will be provided by Auckland High Performance Fencing.


July Fencing North Meeting:

We have cancelled the July Meeting. Our next meeting will be held on the 5th August.


Meeting closed at 9.10pm



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