Fencing North Meeting - February 2016

Fencing North Committee Meeting

Wednesday 24th February 2016, 7.30pm

Meadowbank Community Centre, Meadowbank




Eric Buisman

Oliver Agnew

Linda Boyd

Jess Gracie

Gaylene Ongley

Adrian Roberts

Hamish Bulmer

Laura Harvey

Daniela Ravera

Jeremy Dyson




John Garelja (Vice-President)

Isabelle Williams

Anya Kamynina

Judit Fliszar


Meeting starts 7.30pm:


Minutes from previous meeting:

Laura Harvey moves that we accept the previous minutes. Hamish Bulmer seconds. All in favour.


Matters arising from previous meeting:

There was a top up to the insurance to cover our new equipment – the total insurance cost ended up being $1643.73


Treasurer’s Report:

Hamish Bulmer moves that we accept the treasurer’s report. Oliver Agnew seconds. All in favour.


Fencing NZ News

Eric has received a copy of the FeNZ Strategic Plan to distribute to the Fencing North Committee. This is a living document and we are going to work through it at club level, looking towards providing feedback as a region.


Fencing NZ AGM

The FeNZ AGM will be on 29th March at 7pm. Oliver to distribute the notice of AGM to our clubs. Gaylene to talk to AGS to see if we can connect to their wifi to host a group that can call in to the AGM.


Competition Sub Committee 2016

Forming of sub-committee for 2016 - nominally to be lead by Daniela Ravera.

Members: Daniela, Christine, Johann, Laura, Oliver, Hamish B. This may be expanded.


High Performance Programme

To discuss next meeting.


NZ U15 / U17 Championships

Scheduled for 22-25th April.

AHPF to do catering.

Jess Gracie to run computer.

We received a message from Kate Brill enquiring about U15 epee/sabre. It is proposed that we ask for expresions of interest to compete in these events.


New Affiliation System

New online affiliation system to be used by all fencers. Oliver to work on how clubs can affiliate their fencers, and also how clubs can check which of their fencers are affiliated.


Competition Venues 2016

All competitions have been booked at Massey High School


Equipment Purchases Update

Everything that we purchased has arrived in NZ - expecting piste delivery in time for W Dawn



Oliver for website SSL certificate and hosting $358.28

Gaylene for Meadowbank Community Centre hire $225

We need to update our cheque signatories, Oliver to organise – aiming for 5th March during W Dawn.


Goal Setting Session

At the April meeting we will look at goals


Other Business

Adrian asked if clubs could run their own competitions and invite fencers from other clubs. So long as the fencers are affiliated this is okay.


Meeting closed at 9.30pm


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