Fencing North Meeting - May 2016

Fencing North Committee Meeting

Wednesday 9th March 2016, 7.30pm

Meadowbank Community Centre, Meadowbank



Eric Buisman

John Garelja

Linda Boyd

Oliver Agnew

Laura Harvey

Gaylene Ongley

Jessica Gracie

Hamish Bulmer

Isabelle Williams

Karl May



Adrian Roberts


Meeting starts 7.30pm:


Minutes from previous meeting:

Oliver Agnew moves that we accept the minutes from the previous meeting, Linda Boyd seconds. All in favour.


Matters arising from previous meeting:

No matters arising


Treasurer’s Report:

Isabelle Williams moves that we accept the Treasurer’s report, Hamish Bulmer seconds. All in favour.


Fencing NZ Medals

Discussion around FeNZ medals that we purchased. We bought 500 and have on-sold some to regions. Oliver to assess how many we need ourselves for 2016 and negotiate the sale of remaining medals to FeNZ - who should manage these going forwards.


Fencing NZ News

FeNZ have a vacancy on their board and are looking for someone to act as a Youth Representative. North to present a suitable candidate to Ian Perry.


Upcoming events:

North SS Circuit kicking off in May. Setup/packup schedule for North SS Individuals – Jess Gracie to circulate and confirm with school clubs.


Referee Training

Eric Buisman to query FeNZ about them sending Nicola Shakleton to come and assist with refereeing at North Island Champs assess local refereeing talent.

In the meantime Oliver to invite her to come up.


Referee Reimbursement – Individual Secondary School Circuit:

Laura Harvey moves that we give referees a $20 petrol voucher for each event in the individual circuit that they referee at. Hamish Bulmer seconds. All in favour.



Oliver moves that we pay affiliations due to FeNZ. Laura Harvey seconds. All in favour.


Other Business

John to look at getting some plastic tubes for storing/transport of our roll up fabric pistes.

Jess Gracie & Hamish Bulmer to find dates & work out format for a social tournament.

Clubs have been reminded to ask their coaches to fill out the FeNZ coaching survey.

Marion Titmuss is looking to host a training camp over Summer. Oliver to follow up on the opportunity.


Meeting closed at 9.00pm



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