Fencing North Meeting - June 2016

Fencing North Committee Meeting

Wednesday 1st June 2016, 7.30pm

Meadowbank Community Centre, Meadowbank


Eric Buisman

John Garelja

Oliver Agnew

Linda Boyd

Daniela Ravera

Jessica Gracie

Hamish Bulmer

Jeremy Dyson

Adrian Roberts



Laura Harvey

Isabelle Williams

Gaylene Ongley


Meeting starts 7.30pm:

Minutes from previous meeting:
Linda Boyd moves that we accept the minutes from the previous meeting, Oliver Agnew seconds. All in favour.


Matters arising from previous meeting:
No matters arising


Treasurer’s Report:
Adrian Roberts moves that we accept the Treasurer’s report, John Garelja seconds. All in favour.


John Garelja moves that we reimburse Oliver ($1000 for petrol vouchers) and Eric ($139 for Ian Perry’s accommodation in Auckland). Hamish Bulmer seconds. All in favour.


Fencing NZ News
Eric has had discussions with Ian about our relative size and FeNZ board representation being at odds with each other

Strategic plan is slowly developing and Ian is looking at next steps in rolling it out


Fencing NZ Board Vacancy
FeNZ asked for regions to put forward candidates to be a youth representative filling the FeNZ Board Vacancy we have put Alice Boyd forward as our candidate.


Fencing NZ Affiliations
In May we paid $6,760 to FeNZ for affiliations year to date


Meeting With College Sport
Oliver and Hamish gave recap of meeting with Dave Currie from CS


Competitions Recap
Oliver gave recap of the tournaments in May


Upcoming Competitions
North Island Champs this weekend – everyone is encouraged to help out as much as possible during the event – we want to bring our A game


Beginner’s Competition
Thinking about options in July (16th/23rd), positioning between the Individual & Team Secondary School events. Aim is to get as many beginner fencers to come and compete.

Idea from Daniela to structure this so at the beginning we have an info session on how competitions work & what all the equipment does etc

Format etc to be confirmed by Jess & Hamish.

Jess and Hamish will find a venue & time that suits best


Other Business



Meeting closed at 8.35pm


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