Fencing North Meeting - September 2016

Fencing North Committee Meeting

Thursday 1st September 2016, 7.30pm

Meadowbank Community Centre, Meadowbank



Eric Buisman 

John Garelja 

Oliver Agnew 

Linda Boyd 

Daniela Ravera 

Jessica Gracie 

Hamish Bulmer 

Karl May 




Adrian Roberts 



Meeting starts 7.30pm: 


Minutes from previous meeting: 
Eric moves that we accept the minutes from previous meeting, Linda seconds. 


Matters arising from previous meeting: 


Oliver and Laura still to do retrospective on SS Individual. 


Treasurer’s Report: 


Oliver Agnew moves that we accept the Treasurer’s report, Jess Gracie seconds. All in favour. 




Hall hire to be paid to Massey High School $1,748.00 

Tape to Michael Hoskins $148.59 


Oliver moves that we make both these payments. Daniela seconds. All in favour. 




New fencing pistes have arrived, John to look at cases for them. 


Sport Auckland Report: 


Hamish and Daniela met with Sport Auckland earlier this week and delivered a verbal report. Sport Auckland can assist with developing coaches, referees, administration structure, but don’t do a High Performance Programme. 


Karl and Hamish to reach out to Millennium institute.  


Secondary School Teams recap: 


Foil – 35 teams.  

Epee – 7 teams. 

Sabre – 8 teams. 


Forward planning worked well. 

Finding referees was hard. 



National Secondary School Champs: 


Competition is this weekend. Organisation is going well and all ready for the competition. 



Fencing NZ News: 


Many delays and frustration getting things organised via FeNZ 


Other Business: 


Query from Hamish about scheduling of open events. Hamish to look in to alternative scheduling. 


John mentioned that we should buy some more spools and ground wires – to determine numbers and ask Daniel Chan for a quote. 



Meeting closed at 9.05pm 



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