Fencing North Meeting - March 2017

Fencing North Committee Meeting
Wednesday 1st March 2017, 7:30pm
Parnell Community Centre, Parnell
Bryce Gracie (President)
Eric Buisman (Vice President)
Jessica Gracie (Secretary)
Oliver Agnew (Treasurer)
Katie Logan
Alex Jacob
Jeremy Dyson
Adrian Roberts
Meeting starts 7:35pm:
Minutes from previous meeting:
Oliver moves that we accept the minutes from the previous meeting, Bryce seconds.
Matters arising from previous meeting:
Treasurer’s Report:
Oliver presented his report. Eric moves that we accept the Treasurer’s report, Bryce seconds. All in favour.
It was discussed that the signatories of the Fencing North accounts needed to be updated. A time needs to be set to action this point.
Bi-monthly Meetings:
It was suggested that we look at moving the meetings of the committee to bi-monthly. However, an approval process needs to be put in place for payments for the smooth running of Fencing North regarding competitions. Expenditure for all other purchases or reimbursement requires the approval of the Fencing North committee before the payment is made. Expenditure that we regularly see i.e. hall hire, prizes, and purchase of fuel vouchers for officials are regarded as normal and do not require the committee’s approval. All purchases will only be reimbursed with a receipt clearly shown the purchase.
Jeremy moves that we revisit bi-monthly meetings at the April meeting, Oliver seconds.
It was discussed that we need to identify different ways to grow the sport of fencing within our region, this relates to keeping our secondary school fencers involved once they leave school.
A suggestion was made that we consider organising a competition outside the normal scope of Fencing NZ competitions that is based around ranking fencers and giving a handicap. This would provide a competition that provides equal opportunities for all fencers regardless of their skill level. It should be noted that this competition would not eligible for FeNZ ranking points. The attraction of this competition for a new fencer is that they would start a bout with points against a higher ranked opponent, this would give these fencers a more even playing field and boosting their confidence. For an experienced fencer, this would challenge them to employ their skills to overcome this handicap. This has the potential to be a win-win for both fencers in terms of their personal development.
It should be noted that this may not work for sabre as there is such a small number participating in this weapon.
Oceanic Seniors:
It was discussed and decided that a sub-committee be established with the purpose of planning and executing the Oceanic Senior competition in October. The sub-committee would need to develop and report to the committee a plan for the smooth of the competition. These reports should highlight all requirements for the organisation, which will include procedures and expenditure, on a template to be developed.
Oliver has agreed to organise this sub-committee, which will include Bryce and Jess, with Jess reporting to the committee on progress.
The committee will need to identify and approach suitable sponsors to cover cost incurred such as venue hire, and travel costs or officials. It was suggested that Auckland Tourism could help identify these people.
Competitions 2017:
It was discussed that sabre events have a low participation level at regional competitions. It was decided that we continue to schedule such events during Saturday competitions with the back-up option of postponing them to a week night at a club. The main issue identified was that most secondary school fencers rarely participate in competitions other that secondary competitions.
An action point was made for Jess to contact school captains asking them to encourage their fencers to participate.
It was suggested that volunteers and officials for competitions be organised well in advance.
An action point was made for Jess to develop a matrix listing roles needed and who will fill the positions.
AIMS Proposal:
Jess was contacted by Anthony Mair regarding a proposal to run fencing at the AIMS Games in 2018. The AIMS Games are a chance for intermediate students to compete in their sport with others from around NZ. This could be great exposure and a growth opportunity for Fencing North.
An action point was made for Jess to email and offer the committees support.  
Purchase of Old Spools:
A decision was made to offer our old spools to clubs for purchase. MAGS fencing club has purchased two at the price of $100 each.
A review of all current assets is to be undertaken to ensure we have the equipment required for the running of larger competitions.
An action point was made for Jess carry this out.
We need to identify if we have a surplus of old spools that could be sold.
We decided that a minimum of 20 spools was needed to cover larger competitions.
Fencing NZ News:
FeNZ are having an in person strategic meeting in Wellington, Bryce is to attend. This was set for the 25th of March, however has been postponed with a new date to be set.
It was discussed that our focus is to continue to grow and improve fencing within Fencing North.
Other Business:
Affiliations are to be overseen by FeNZ and not the region in future.  

Meeting closed at 9:05pm
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