Fencing North Meeting - May 2017

Fencing North Committee Meeting
Wednesday 3rd May 2017, 7:30pm
Parnell Community Centre, Parnell
Jess Gracie (Secretary) EGGS Proxy
Bryce Gracie (President) Treasurer Proxy
Eric Buisman (Vice President)
Alex Jacob
Jeremy Dyson
Adrian Roberts
Amanda Hopkins
Katie Logan
Oliver Agnew (Treasurer)
Laura Harvey
Meeting starts 7:pm:
Minutes from previous meeting:
Jeremy moves that we accept the minutes from the previous meeting, Alex seconds.
Matters arising from previous meeting:
Treasurer’s Report:
Oliver provided his report via email. Amanda moves that we accept the treasurers report, Eric seconds.
 Oceanic Sub Committee Update:
A venue is being identified and booked. Timetable and info is being worked on to send out. Possible grants are being identified and applied for.
There were various suggestions from members that will be given to the members of the sub-committee.
Eric moves to apply for funding to provide assistance to cover venue costs for the Oceanic Seniors event in October. Adrian seconds, all in favour.
Consequently, the committee resolves that Fencing North should apply for funding from NZCT for $6000 to help fund expenses associated with the Oceanic Seniors event.
National Development Program:
Have a few questions to submit to FeNZ
We want input and report
Adrian moves that Fencing North will support the proposed development program on the following conditions.
  1. The FeNZ Youth representative is a member of the initial steering group.
  2. A representative from Fencing North is a member of the initial steering group.
  3. There is full financial reporting at the end of each financial year.
  4. A report of progress must be givien to FeNZ board and regions monthly.
  5. Clear understanding of when payments are required.
Motion carried
FeNZ News:
FeNZ are holding a strategic meeting in Wellington on the 5th of June. It was suggested that Oliver and Eric be sent as our representatives.
Bryce moves that for the benefit of our region that Oliver and Eric be sent as our representatives. Jess seconds, all in favour.
Other Business:

Meeting closed at 9:55pm
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