Fencing North Meeting - July 2017


Fencing North Committee Meeting

Wednesday 5th July 2017, 7:30pm

Parnell Community Centre, Parnell



Jess Gracie (Secretary)

Oliver (Treasurer)

Bryce Gracie (President)

Katie Logan

Alice Boyd



Laura Harvey

Amanda Hopkins

Eric Buisman (Vice President)

Mary Black


Meeting starts 7:38pm:

Minutes from previous meeting:

Oliver moves that we accept the minutes from the previous meeting, Bryce seconds.


Matters arising from previous meeting:



Treasurer’s Report:

Oliver presented his report.  Katie moves that we accept the treasurers report, Alice seconds.






Jess presented a report of this month’s competitions and next month’s upcoming competitions.

Due to a clash with NZSS we are moving our regional competition, Pickworth, from the 9th September to the 16th September.

The Club Foil Team competition was scheduled for the 1st of July, this was postponed due to low entries. We are rescheduling this for the 23rd of September.


 Oceanic Sub Committee Update:

The draft schedule was approved by the OFC. The next steps are to release preliminary information.

Oliver moves to apply for funding to cover the cost of the First Aid at Oceanic Senior event in October. Bryce seconds, all in favour.

Consequently, the committee resolves that Fencing North should apply for an Albert Eden Quick Response Grant to cover the cost of the First Aid at the Oceanic Senior event ($1477.75 including GST).

Youth Representative for Fencing North

Alice moves that Fencing North appoints a youth representative for the region. Jess seconds, all in favour.

A call for expressions of interest will be put out with the deadline for applications the 22nd of July.


Training Camp 2018:

The next steps for this training camp is to hold a planning session in July where an outline can be formed and rolls assigned. There is an action on Jess to organise this.


FeNZ News:

World Fencing Day is happening on the 9th of September. FeNZ suggests that each region celebrate fencing in their region. There was a discussion around what Fencing North should do.

An official’s remuneration paper was passed at the last FeNZ board meeting, suggestion a standardised approach for nation competitions.

It was reported at the FeNZ meeting that there have been two incidents regarding mask safety, it has been decided that Fencing North will produce an accident & incident form to be used at competitions. A checklist for what gear to check at the beginning of a bout will be provided to referees. An information video on how to properly wear fencing gear will be added to competition information on the Fencing North website.


Meeting closed at 9:08pm

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