Fencing North Meeting - August 2017

Fencing North Committee Meeting
Wednesday 2nd August 2017, 7:30pm
Parnell Community Centre, Parnell
Jess Gracie (Secretary)
Bryce Gracie (President)
Katie Logan
Alice Boyd
Amanda Hopkins
Oliver Agnew (Treasurer)
Laura Harvey
Eric Buisman (Vice President)
Meeting starts 7:43pm:
Minutes from previous meeting:
Bryce moves that we accept the minutes from the previous meeting, Katie seconds.
Matters arising from previous meeting:
2018 training camp – Alice to look into the possibilities of when and where.
Treasurer’s Report:
Oliver presented his report. Katie moves that we accept the treasurers report, Alice seconds.
Jess presented a report of this month’s competitions and next month’s upcoming competitions.
Oceanic Sub Committee Update:
We are currently waiting to hear back about the two grants we have applied for.
Youth Representative for Fencing North
A decision was made about the applicants for the youth representative role. Jess to notify successful and unsuccessful applicants.
FeNZ News:
World fencing day is on the 9th September, encourage clubs to hold events out in the community.

Meeting closed at 8:39pm
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