Fencing North Meeting - September 2017

Fencing North Committee Meeting
Wednesday 6th September 2017, 7:30pm
Parnell Community Centre, Parnell
Jess Gracie (Secretary)
Bryce Gracie (President)
Eric Buisman (Vice President)
Katie Logan
Jessica Kaiser
Laura Harvey
Alice Boyd
Amanda Hopkins
 Oliver Agnew (Treasurer)
Meeting starts 7:33pm:
Minutes from previous meeting:
Bryce moves that we accept the minutes from the previous meeting, Katie seconds.


Matters arising from previous meeting:
Training camp - Anya has put forward a proposal for support for a training camp she is running in January, a decision was made that we need more information and a formal proposal to make a final decision. 
An action on Jess to email Anya with some questions asking for more information.


Treasurer’s Report:
As Oliver was absent there was no report tabled. His report at the next meeting will cover both months.




Jess presented a report of this month’s competitions and next month’s upcoming competitions.
Booking Massey for the upcoming Pickworth has been difficult. Eric moves that we continue to try to contact them until 5pm tomorrow, otherwise postpone to a later date, Bryce seconds.
There hasn’t been much interest for the team foil competition. Jess to email club representatives asking for estimated number of teams from each club.


Oceanic Sub Committee Update:
We have received confirmation of the NZCT grant for $5000 and the Albert-Eden grant for $500.


 New Caledonia Cadets:
Eric moves that we pay for individual entry fees for affiliated Fencing North fencers at the Oceania Cadet Championships in New Caledonia, Bryce seconds.


Other Business:
Jess to contact Anthony Mair regarding an update on the AIMS Games
It was discussed that we look into running a learn to referee course to have a better level of referees and a larger list of names to help referee the Secondary School events.


Meeting closed at 9:03pm
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