Fencing North Meeting - January 2018

Fencing North Committee Meeting – January 25th 2018
Meeting Opened: 7:34pm.
Bryce Gracie (President); Amanda Hopkins (Treasurer); Katie Logan (Secretary); Jess Gracie; Mary Black; James Harwood.
Jess Kaiser.
Previous Minutes:
Katie moved that we accept the minutes from the previous meeting (November 1st, 2017). Amanda seconded. Motion passed.
Matters Arising from Previous Minutes:
It was decided that the committee would appoint a tournament organiser unofficially rather than changing the constitution.
As the previous minutes could not be confirmed at the most recent AGM, we need to hold an SGM to approve these. Bryce moved that we hold an SGM before the next committee meeting on March 1st. Amanda seconded. Motion passed.
Treasurer’s Report:
Access to the bank account has not yet been transferred to the treasurer for 2018; thus the treasurer’s report was deferred to the following meeting.
Jess, on behalf of Oliver Agnew, reported that since the previous meeting only two outstanding invoices from Oceanics were paid and that there are no new payments to be made so far.
Bank Account Signatories:
Bryce moved that we should change the signatories to the Fencing North bank account. The previous signatories – Oliver Agnew, John Garelja, David Greig and Judit Fliszar – are to be removed from the account and replaced by Amanda Hopkins, Jessica Gracie, Laura Harvey and Katie Logan. Amanda seconded. Motion passed.
Appointment of Tournament Organiser:
At the previous meeting in November, the committee discussed appointing a tournament organiser to ensure the smooth and consistent running of Fencing North regional and national competitions. Katie nominated Jess Gracie for this role. James seconded. Jess was elected.
W Dawn Competition:
This competition will be held on the 10th of February at the Massey High School gym.
General Discussion:
In previous years, the Larsen, Macleavy and Fenton open competitions have been combined into a single competition due to low entry numbers; however, as entries rise it seems apposite to separate these competitions again, filling gaps in the open circuit throughout the year. Jess recommended that the competitions be separated, with one held on the 28th of April, the second on the 14th of July and the third on the 25th of August. James moved that we accept this recommendation. Amanda seconded. Motion passed.
In the previous year, the committee discussed the possibility of changing the competition venue, for example to Epsom Girls Grammar. This has proved complicated; thus Jess suggested that we stay with Massey for most competitions this year (possibly hiring other gyms ad hoc for major competitions such as North Islands) and consider looking at other options for 2019.
FENZ News:
Bryce reported that FENZ recently discussed the proposal from England to host Commonwealth Juniors in July 2018. FENZ resolved to support this proposal, and it was suggested that their selection criteria for the event would be loosened due to the relatively short notice for fencers to attempt to qualify
The FENZ AGM for 2018 will be held on the 25th of February. The committee will organise a venue for Fencing North representatives to join the meeting via Skype. Amanda Hopkins has been nominated for the position of Secretary General on the FENZ executive, to be voted on at this meeting.
Auckland University Funding Proposal:
James Harwood reported that the Auckland University Fencing club was currently very limited in the resources it could provide to intermediate and experienced fencers; as such, he asked the Fencing North committee for funding to purchase electric scoring equipment for the club. Although the committee declined to supply funding, it was suggested that electric scoring equipment owned by Fencing North could be loaned to AUF during the week for a token cost. Bryce put forward the general motion that the assets that Fencing North has be listed and made available for clubs and coaches to use to develop the sport in the North region, per a standardised rental agreement to be formulated. Jess seconded. Motion passed.
Other Business:
On request, Bryce set the meetings for 2018 to 7pm on the first Thursday of each month.
Amanda brought to the committee’s attention a training camp being organised by Neil Young and Auckland Swords in the lead-up to Commonwealth Seniors.
The committee discussed the possibility of Fencing North purchasing ‘starter kits’ of equipment that could be brought into schools by coaches to promote and develop the sport.
Meeting Closed: 9:30pm.
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