Fencing North Meeting - March 2018

Fencing North Committee Meeting – March 1st, 2018

Meeting Opened: 7.12pm.

Present: Bryce Gracie; Jess Gracie; Katie Logan; Amanda Hopkins; Mary Black.

Apologies: Eric Buisman; Laura Harvey.

Previous Minutes: Katie moves that the minutes are correct. Jess seconds. Motion carried.

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes: As discussed at the previous meeting, Fencing North intends to hire out its gear to clubs during the week on a short term basis, with the intention of allowing these club to develop, cope with surges and run larger training camps. A form and set of responsibilities and guidelines for hire will be developed by Bryce and Jess for this purpose. The fees were set at $10 a week and $50 a quarter (or school term) for a full set of electronic box, spools and ground wires, and the same for Fencing North’s entire inventory of whites and masks. The cost to hire different sets of equipment will be scaled as appropriate. In addition, for individuals wanting to hire gear for competitions the fee will be $5 per piece of equipment, or $10 for the set. Jess moved that these suggestions be accepted. Mary seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Amanda verbally presented the treasurer’s report. The society is in good financial health with one session of Massey hall hire outstanding. Amanda moved that her report be accepted. Bryce seconded. Motion carried.

Payments: No payments need approval.

Competitions: Fencing North is running three competitions in the next month: U15/U17s regional championships, the Ongley Open, and U20s/U23s regional championships.

                Secondary Schools Events: Daniel Chan of Mainland Fencing has offered to provide sponsorship for the upcoming regional Secondary Schools circuit by donating a major prize.

                Jess moved that the token of appreciation offered to referees who volunteer for an entire day at the Secondary School events be a gift valued at $30 (increased from $20), and that this increased cost be covered by charging participants for the final event of the series (keeping entry fees at $20 per event). Katie seconded. Motion carried.

                The format used at the North Secondary School championships in 2017, with separate divisions, cannot be used this year because it is not sanctioned by FeNZ. Advice will be sought from the other regions in order to find an acceptable format.

                Mixed Events: Recently FeNZ has recommended that female fencers be allowed to fence in men’s events at the regional level, provided that they also participate in the women’s event. Essentially all such men’s events would be run as mixed events, in which both men and women can gain ranking points. This change was intended to give the top female fencers more opportunities to compete at a high level. Of the three tournaments to be held in the following month, Jess moved that Fencing North run mixed events at the Ongley Open, but not at the age group events. Katie seconded. Motion carried.

FeNZ News: Amanda has been elected Secretary General of FeNZ at the recent AGM (February 25th, 2018).

Kyle Macdonald has suggested that Fencing North run a National training camp in early October as part of the preparation for Senior Commonwealths. Amanda will liaise with Kyle and Auckland coaches on this topic. Amanda moved that we support this training camp. Bryce seconded. Motion carried.

Other Business: Amanda brought the recently proposed Auckland Plan and long-term budget to the committee’s attention. The current proposal suggests that sport and recreation will not be a high priority for the Auckland Council over the next few decades. It was suggested that Fencing North, Auckland-based clubs and individual fencers make submissions before 8pm on March 28th commenting on this proposal and the needs of Auckland fencing. Katie will draft a submission on behalf of Fencing North.

Meeting Closed: 8.45pm.

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