Fencing North Meeting - May 2018

Fencing North Committee Meeting – May 3rd 2018

Meeting Opened: 7:14pm

Present: Bryce Gracie, Amanda Hopkins, Katie Logan, David Irwin, Jess Gracie (late).

Apologies: Mary Black.

Previous Minutes: Amanda moved that we accept the previous minutes. Bryce seconded. Motion carried.

Matters arising from the Previous Minutes: Jess has been in contact with Daniel Chan of Mainland Fencing. He is offering a wireless scoring box to the school with the highest cumulative individual results.

Health and Safety: There have been no health and safety incidents reported in 2018 at Fencing North competitions so far.
There was discussion of first aid proficiency within Fencing North. There are usually at least two people with current first aid certificates at Fencing North competitions. To increase these numbers, it was suggested that Fencing North might either fund or organise first aid courses for a certain number of members.
FeNZ now has an official Action and Injury Reporting Form, which is available for download on the FeNZ website. Fencing North will be using this form to report any incidents occurring at Fencing North events, and encourages schools and clubs to use this form in the absence of any formal club procedures.

Treasurer’s Report: Amanda verbally presented the Treasurer’s Report. Amanda moved that her report be accepted. Jess seconded. Motion carried.

Payments: No payments have been made since the previous meeting. A few payments are outstanding. As approved by email vote in the previous month, Fencing North shall reimburse the flights of Bruce Ng and Christine Chen, who participated in a referee training event in Wellington. Also approved by email vote were subsidies for participants in a training course for epee coaching, run by Kyle Macdonald. Finally, in September 2017 it was resolved to reimburse the individual entry fees for North fencers competing at the 2018 Oceania Cadet Championship in New Caledonia. Amanda will find the names of these fencers and contact them for reimbursement.

Competitions: Jess presented the current competition situation to the committee. In the following month, Fencing North will be holding the Secondary School circuit and North Islands.
Organisational matters for North Islands were discussed. The entry fee for the open event was set at $55 for the first weapon, and $25 for subsequent weapons. The entry fee for the veterans event was set at $35.

FeNZ News: Bryce and Amanda shared news from FeNZ. FeNZ will not adopt the new requirements for mask fastenings and padded chest protectors which will be implemented at FIE competitions after the upcoming World Champs. However, FeNZ will require more stringent checking of mask fastenings by referees at the piste.

Other Business: Both the referee training course in Wellington and the first session of the epee coach training course have been reported as successes.

Youth Representative: Fencing North has received the resignation of our youth representative, Jessica Kaiser. Applications will be opened for a new youth representative, to be selected at the next committee meeting.

Meeting Closed: 8:21pm.

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