Fencing North Meeting - July 2018

Fencing North Committee Meeting – July 6th 2018

Meeting Opened: 7.13pm.

Present: Bryce Gracie, Jess Gracie, Mary Black, Adrian Roberts, Katie Logan.

Apologies: Judit Fliszar, Laura Harvey.

Previous Minutes: There was no meeting in June due to the lack of a quorum. Amanda moved that we accept the minutes for the May meeting. Katie seconded. Motion carried.

Matters arising from the Previous Minutes: We have yet to reimburse entry fees for the Oceania Cadet champs, as resolved in September 2017. Amanda will continue to work on this.
Katie has been unable to contact the nominated candidate for Youth Representative. She will continue to attempt to contact this candidate, and if unable the committee will look into other ways of appointing a representative.

Health and Safety: Jess reported that there have been several incident reports filed in the last two months: three from North Islands and one from Secondary Schools. All incidents were handled with due process using the Injury Reporting Form. At the Secondary Schools competitions, the officials identified an increasing hazard from fencers and guests crossing the pistes while fencing was in progress. This was mitigated by setting up rope barriers to mark the boundaries of the fencing area.
Amanda reported that FeNZ is appointing a Safety Officer, and suggested that Fencing North do the same. This position would involve collating Accident and Injury Forms, identifying and mitigating hazards at Fencing North events and reporting any significant issues to Fencing North. Katie is to look into potential candidates for this appointment.

Treasurer’s Report: Amanda presented the treasurer’s report. Entry fees from the Secondary Schools competitions and several from North Islands remain to be banked.

Payments: We have not yet purchased most of the vouchers for referees at recent competitions.
There was discussion around whether Fencing North should give monetary support to fencers travelling to Commonwealth Juniors this year. This opened up the larger issue of Fencing North’s overall strategy for supporting our high-level fencers at overseas competitions. It was decided that this strategy discussion be part of the agenda for the following meeting.

Competitions: Jess reported that the recent Secondary School competitions were a great success, with over a hundred competitors at most of the competitions. In the next month there is only one competition, the Macleavy Sabre on July 14th.
Jess observed that this round of competitions proved that the gym at Massey High School was too small for the Secondary School competitions, and that it was becoming extremely difficult to run these competitions on a single day. Jess and Bryce have been looking into the possibility of hiring a larger gym, and suggested Massey University as a possible candidate. This gym is larger, more easily accessible by public transport and relatively affordable; further Fencing North could hire only half of the gym for smaller competitions. Bryce and Jess will continue looking into the situation at Massey University (including ongoing issues such as equipment storage), as well as considering other options, especially in more central locations.

FeNZ News: Amanda reported that FeNZ has received an offer from FIE of 5000 Swiss Francs’ worth of equipment. It is not yet known what proportion of this grant Fencing North will receive, but FeNZ has asked for submissions for the types of equipment each region would like. The committee decided to request jackets, plastrons and masks, which can then be distributed.

Other Business:

Referee Leadership: A few recent incidents at competitions have shown that there is a need for leadership among referees. Amanda suggested that we form a small Refereeing Subcommittee made up of experienced and involved referees. Members of this subcommittee would have authority over and responsibility for referees at competitions, and would provide support for developing referees. This subcommittee would also provide an official channel for escalating and resolving any issues arising between referees and other people at competitions.
Katie moved that this suggested be accepted. Mary seconded. Motion carried. Amanda is to approach potential candidates for this subcommittee.

Code of Conduct: Bryce presented a draft version of a Fencing North Code of Conduct for comment. This Code would be posted at the door at any Fencing North event, and apply to all people attending.

Training Camp: A training camp being organised by Anya, to be held in early October, was discussed.

North Harbour Fencing Club: Adrian reported that the North Harbour Fencing Club is in the process of closing, only waiting for the final reports to be submitted. It has closed its bank account according to its constitution, with remaining funds of $120 devolving to Fencing North. The majority of the club’s fencers have become members of JF Fencing School, and NHFC wishes them all the best.

Meeting Closed: 9:17pm.

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