Fencing North AGM 2018

Fencing North Annual General Meeting 2018
Thursday 29th November
Outhwaite Hall, Grafton

Meeting Opened: 7:07pm

David Elder
Wendy Irwin
Henry Lockhart
Andi Liu
Nour Malak
Sunnie Sun
Ryan Yan
Peter Butler
Amanda Hopkins
Bryce Gracie
Jessica Gracie
Katie Logan

David Singh (Proxy: David Elder)
Matt Stanley (Proxy: Katie Logan)
Kyle Macdonald (Proxy: Peter Butler)
Mary Black (Proxy: Nour Malak)
Hannah Irwin (Proxy: Wendy Irwin)
Daljit Dhillon

Confirmation of Minutes of the 2017 AGM: Andi moved that the minutes from the previous AGM be accepted. Amanda seconded. The motion was carried with all in favour.

President’s Report: Bryce, the outgoing president, gave his report. On behalf of Fencing North, the executive thanked him for his service over the past two years.

Treasurer’s Report: Amanda presented the Treasurer’s Report. The Society has made a small loss over the course of this year, with some payments still outstanding. She recommended that we increase competition fees in 2019 to cover the increasing expenses of hall hire, referee per diems and Fencing North’s development aims. This will be discussed further by the executive in future meetings.
Jess seconded Amanda’s report. The motion was carried with all in favour.

Election of Executive Officers: There was a single nominee standing for each executive position:
President: David Elder
Vice-President: Jess Gracie
Treasurer: Amanda Hopkins
Secretary: Katie Logan
Henry moved that the nominees be elected as a bloc. Nour seconded. The officials were elected with all in favour.

Setting of Affiliation Fees for 2019: For 2018 to fee to affiliate to Fencing North was set to $0 for all members. Bryce recommended that the affiliation fee should remain at this level for 2019 in order to encourage as many new fencers as possible to affiliate. He also suggested that Fencing North use our voice on the Fencing New Zealand committee to advocate a tiered affiliation system to further encourage casual fencers.
Bryce moved that the affiliation fee be set at $0 for 2019. Jess seconded. Motion carried with majority in favour, one abstaining.

Meeting Closed: 8:26pm.

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