Fencing North Meeting - January 2019

Fencing North Meeting – January 25th 2019


Meeting Opened: 7:05.

Present: David Elder, Amanda Hopkins, Jess Gracie, Katie Logan, Mary Black, Kyle Nankivell.

Confirmation of the Previous Minutes: Katie moved that the minutes from October 2018 be accepted. Jess seconded. Motion carried.

Matters Arising from the Previous Minutes: There were no matters arising.

Health and Safety: There have been no injuries or safety issues reported since our previous meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Amanda gave the Treasurer’s Report. We have spent $4500 since our previous meeting, taking the account down to $29,000 total. Costs were largely made up of insurance and gym hire from 2018. David seconded Amanda’s report. The report was accepted.

Payments: Gym hire for last year’s training camp at Auckland Grammar is yet to be paid.

Competitions: The W. Dawn competition will be held on Ferbruary 9th at the Trusts Arena. More details will be available soon.

Competition Venue for 2019: There has been a widespread feeling that we have outgrown Massey High School as a competition venue: some events would need to be split over two days this year and the school has increased its hall hire fee. Therefore, the  committee has been looking at potential new options since late last year. David and Mary reported that the Trusts Arena is an excellent potential option for this year. Although more expensive than Massey, it is a top-level venue with various options for larger and smaller competitions. We have been offered extremely favourable rates and plan to run the W. Dawn competition there as a trial.
  David moved that subject to final testing, the successful conclusion of the W. Dawn competition and agreement of contractual terms and conditions, Fencing North adopt Trusts Arena as our home venue going forward. Amanda seconded. Motion carried.
  It should be noted that some competitions will need to be moved to accommodate this new venue. The new calendar will be prepared and circulated as soon as negotiations have been completed. Regardless of whether we relocate or not, competitions fees will most likely need to be raised slightly in 2019.

Venue for National Secondary Schools: The Trusts Stadium will unfortunately not be available for the weekend of National Secondary Schools. However, Kyle Macdonald has notified us that Mount Albert Grammar School will offer Fencing North their gym for free in return for an equipment grant to the school fencing club.
  Kyle Nankivell moved that we approve this deal subject to negotiation. Mary seconded. Motion carried.

FeNZ News: David and Amanda reported that FeNZ has scheduled a mid-term strategy session for February 23rd.

Other Business:

Committee Meeting Dates: The committee set the 2019 committee meetings for the final Monday of each month.

2019 Goals and Strategy: David presented some thoughts on Fencing North’s operational and future planning for discussion by the committee. Due to time constraints, further discussion and conclusions were left for a future meeting.

European Cadet Results: Fencing North would like to congratulate all of our fencers who recently competed in the Junior World Cup, Senior World Cup and European Cadet circuit. Well done especially to Lena Jacob, who achieved an amazing 8th place result in a world-class field at a European Cadet Circuit tournament.

New Clubs: Congratulations to Rangitoto College, Massey University and Phoenix Fencing for being recognised as official fencing clubs in 2018.

Meeting Closed: 8:57.

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