Fencing North Meeting - November 2019

Fencing North Committee Meeting – 25th November 2019


Meeting Opened: 7:15pm.

Present: David Elder, Katie Logan, Amanda Hopkins, Maja Saran, Peter Butler, Ryan Yan, Sunnie Sun.

Apologies: Mary Black (proxy: David Elder).

Confirmation of the Previous Minutes: Katie moved that the minutes from October be accepted. David seconded. Motion carried.

Matters Arising: David reported that the referee development course announced at the last meeting was now underway.

Health and Safety: There were no health and safety incidents or issues reported this month. Action point: David will talk to Neil Young (FeNZ Health and Safety Officer) regarding Fencing North’s obligations for health and safety.

Treasurer’s Report: Amanda gave the treasurer’s report for November. She noted that Fencing North owed Oliver Agnew $865 for website fees over the past three years. David seconded her report. The report was accepted.
There was also discussion of the society’s liability insurance and whether it was possible to decrease our insurance fees by contracting independently rather than through FeNZ. David pointed out that Trusts required a high level of liability insurance. Action point to Amanda to look into alternative insurance models.


Tournament Calendar: The committee inspected the draft calendar for 2020, which is largely booked with Trusts and almost ready to release. However, we are currently still missing venues for both of our National events; David is looking into options.

Head of Tournaments/Tournament Team: Maja as prospective Head of Tournaments presented her plans for putting together a tournament team for 2020. She mentioned that she had discussed some of her plans with the Head of the NZ Fencing Officiating Commission and gained his approval.
The committee discussed the need for a Head of Referees for the region; this person would not necessarily be the Head Referee at each competition, but would be largely involved in coordination of referees in the region as a whole.
There was also some discussion around ensuring the availability of first aid-trained officials at competitions, and doing stocktake and repair of competition equipment before the end of the year.

FeNZ News: David and Amanda reported the FeNZ news.

FeNZ has produced and will soon be circulating an affiliation spreadsheet to clubs. All clubs will be requested to affiliate all of their members to the free social affiliation tier next year.

Judit Fliszar is currently attending a coaching development course being held in Christchurch as part of the FeNZ High Performance Development program.

Fencing North would like to express its congratulations to two fencers from our region: to Lena Jacob, who has been selected to attend the OFC Junior Worlds Training Camp; and to Rebecca Jameson, who has achieved the Oceanic Olympic qualification for Modern Pentathlon.

Other Business:

Fundraising – Trillian Trust: David moved the following:
Fencing North shall apply to Trillian Trust for UKP 13,898 (est. NZD 27,935), that being UKP 10,157 towards the cost of four new Sectional Pistes for running tournaments, and UKP 3,741 towards the cost the associated piste trolleys to carry them.
Peter seconded. The motion was carried.

Meeting Closed: 9:12pm. 

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