Annual General Meeting Minutes 2020

Fencing North Annual General Meeting 2020
50A Godden Crescent, Mission Bay
22nd November

Meeting Opened: 6:50pm

David Elder
Amanda Hopkins
Katie Logan
Maja Saran
Ryan Yan
Sunnie Sun
Ben Upton
Mary Black
Peter Butler
Henry Mitchell-Hibbert
Ewa Siwacka
Hannah Choi
Neil Young
Vicky Fan
Rhys Greensill
Andi Liu

None received.

Confirmation of the Previous Minutes: David moved that the minutes from 2019 be accepted. Maja seconded. Passed with all in favour.

President’s Report: David gave the President’s Report for 2020. Maja seconded David’s report. The report was accepted with all in favour.
The report will circulated to all members via email.

Following the report, David and Maja presented flowers, a card and a trophy to Katie and thanked her for all her work as secretary over the last three years.

Treasurer’s Report: Amanda presented and discussed the financial statements for 2020. The society has not lost money this year, although expenses are still too high compared to income. She acknowledged the excellent work done by Maja in increasing income from competitions and simplifying the accounting through RegisterNow, and Rhys’ very successful fundraising for new equipment.
Ben noted that our constitution requires the accounts to be audited annually, although this seems to have been done rarely if ever and may not be necessary. After discussion, the meeting raised an action point for the executive to look into Fencing North’s accounting processes, with a view to amending that clause.
Peter seconded Amanda’s report. The report was accepted, with one abstention.  

Election of Executive Officers: One nomination was received for each executive position:

  • President: David Elder
  • Vice President: Sunnie Sun
  • Treasurer: Amanda Hopkins
  • Secretary: Ben Upton

Neil moved that the nominees be elected as a bloc. Mary seconded. The officers were elected with all in favour.

Setting of Affiliation Fees for 2020: David proposed that the Fencing North affiliation fee remain at $0 for all membership tiers. Maja seconded. The motion was carried with all in favour.

Meeting Closed: 7:38pm

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