Fencing North Committee Minutes - 17 March 2022

Fencing North Inc. Committee Meeting – 17.03.2022

 Meeting Opened:  7:00 pm (Microsoft Teams)

Present: Ben Upton (Secretary), Fiona Campbell (Tournaments and Acting Health & Safety), Peter Butler (President), Maja Saran (Head of Tournaments), Dave Elder (Salle Jean Louis; also as President FENZ), Mary Black (Tuatahi), Amanda Hopkins (Treasurer). Rhys Greensill (Fundraising)

Apologies: Sunnie Sun (Vice President, Massey)


Amanda and David (as President FENZ) updated matters discussed at the last FENZ meeting.   FENZ wanted to proceed with the Easter Carnival.  There is the AGM coming up. 

Other items of interest for Fencing North:

Oceania Foil Fencing Course

  • Regional funding for Oceania Foil Fencing Course (Level 1).  This is a trial and funded 50% by Oceania Fencing.  Online course developed by some Canadian coaches (Global Fencing Masters).  Likely cost for Fencing North participants is c.$350 per person.  Likely to be around 3 Fencing North participants.  So likely total cost is $1,000.    
  • The likely participants are not yet known. 
  • There was some disquiet around not knowing who the participants would be.  There was the option of asking the clubs / individuals. 
  • This would be reviewed when we knew who the people are.
  • There was also a view that some support was possible, but those participating also needed to have some ‘skin in the game’.

Easter Carnival

  • FENZ has decided to proceed with that.  There are 6 weeks between now and the competition and matters could evolve.  There may be late changes but this was acknowledged.
  • There still remain a number of outstanding questions around the running of the competition, which were not addressed at the FENZ meeting.  Of those three core issues – Participation; Duration; Refereeing.
  • Refereeing will be organised locally with a few outside referees invited to attend.  Anja and Judit to be head referees.  They will have to come up with the officials team, with Katie’s costs.
  • FENZ resisted the idea of making the tournament shorter.  The days are set, but once numbers are clearer, times may be adjusted (later start / earlier finish for example).
  • There will be a DT panel.  This usually will be the Tournament Organiser, Head Referee and the organiser of the draw (Heather Claydon).   
  • We need to be very mindful of cost given the risk around cancellation and also because the 4 days will required (by FENZ directive) yet participation could well be low.
  • Some of the practical aspects are being looked at – Tape / carpet use for pistes etc.

Minutes of last committee meeting

These were read at the meeting.

Matters Arising: 

Nothing arising.

Treasurer’s Report

Amanda Hopkins was absent from the last meeting but it was noted that she had provided an email report. 

She sought approval of several payments:

  • Oliver Agnew $606.70 for website.
  • Waitakere Venue Hire Bond - $500 for Easter Carnival.
  • Waitakere Venue Hire for W Dawn - $345.
  • Camp refunds - $200.

These were approved. 

It was also agreed that any future payments or reimbursements around tournaments and low-value operational payments (up to $1,000) could be paid by Treasurer / supported by Tournament Organiser without Committee approval against invoice / receipt.    These to be disclosed at subsequent committee meetings as appropriate.

Ben Upton to talk to Oliver Agnew to discuss movement of Fencing North website account to Fencing North.


Maja reported the W Dawn (39 Fencers) was a success and ran at a profit.  The entries for the Fenton are currently at 35.  There are no complaints about the $20 late fee. 

Women’s epee is run with the women fencing in a mixed competition, and then via a separate DE competition later. 

There is a teams competition in the calendar – Intended to be a club based tournament.  Kyle MacDonald to be contacted about this.  There is a social aspect to this tournament which needs to be emphasised.


Kirsten Hansen is doing a good job.  Nothing to report. 

There is a need to encourage foil and find someone who is prepared to be a sponsor to encourage tournament participation.  This is something to be worked on.  Covid may be having an impact

FENZ has asked that we input our calendar dates into its calendar.  This is to be actioned where possible – Peter Butler to be sent the access instructions.

Health and Safety

Nothing to report.  Some planning needs to be undertaken around the Easter Carnival.  Covid is having a significant impact.

Fundraising and Venue

One application to Trusts is in for $10,000 for the Easter Tournament.  Trusts appears keen and the application was in time.    

Another application is in for operational costs is due in at the end of the month (up to $4,000).

Resolved that these applications be pursued on the basis set out.

Also resolved that Rhys Greensill had general authority to progress suitable applications.  Specific resolutions to be prepared as required. 

Other Business:  

No other business

Confirmation of next meeting date – Monday, 4 April 2022.

Meeting Closed:   9:05 pm.

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