Fencing North Committee Minutes - 4 April 2022

Fencing North Inc. Committee Meeting – 04.04.2022

 Meeting Opened:  7:10 pm (Microsoft Teams)

Present: Ben Upton (Secretary), Fiona Campbell (Tournaments and Acting Health & Safety), Peter Butler (President), Maja Saran (Head of Tournaments), Mary Black (Tuatahi), Amanda Hopkins (Treasurer), Sunnie Sun (Vice President, Massey), Matt Stanley (Whangarei), Judit Flizar (Schools Rep)

In attendance: Felix Lun (Referee organiser for Easter Carnival)

Apologies: Katie Logan (NZ Fencing Academy); Kirsten Hansen (Media)

Minutes of last committee meeting

These were read at the meeting and approved.

Matters Arising: 

Easter Carnival – Peter Butler outlined the preparations for this tournament.  There was a need to arrange referees.  Felix Lun spoke to that. 

Peter Butler highlighted the need for as much assistance as possible for set up.  Numbers at this stage are good and most likely breakeven at least at this stage.  There was a loss underwrite from FENZ.

Treasurer’s Report

Amanda Hopkins spoke to her email report.  There is a current cash balance of $59k.  Some of this is committed to pistes and (re. Trusts cash grant) future venue hire.

Various payment approvals were voted on and approved.


See above report re. Easter Tournament.

There were the schools after that.

Whangarei Update

Matt Stanley updated matters relevant to Whangarei and the creation of a new club under his guidance.  There was a discussion about the support that could be offered.  The club has a number of new beginners and there was a request to see if some of the FN gear may be available.  This was discussed.




Kirsten Hansen was unable to attend but Ben Upton read her email report.  Acknowledged that Kirsten was doing a great job on this.  Some assistance will be sought in order for her and others to operate the Website.

Health and Safety

Nothing to report.  Some planning needs to be undertaken around the Easter Carnival.  Covid is having a significant impact.

Fundraising and Venue

Nothing to report.  A replacement for Rhy Greensill is still required

Other Business:  

No other business

Confirmation of next meeting date – Monday, 2 May 2022.

Meeting Closed:   9:00 pm.

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