Fencing North Committee Meeting - 28 November 2022

Fencing North Inc. Committee Meeting – 28.11.2022

 Meeting Opened:  7:07 pm (MS Teams)

Present: Ben Upton (Secretary), Peter Butler (President); Katie Logan (Academy of Fencing); Fiona Campbell (H&S and tournaments); Kirsten Hansen (Media); Amanda Hopkins (Treasurer), Matt Stanley (Whangarei), Kyle MacDonald (United).

Apologies: Sunnie Sun (Vice President).

Minutes of last committee meeting: These were reviewed and the minutes from the last meeting were approved.

Finances:  Amanda Hopkins reported that after all payments there remained $54,000 in the bank.  There is still a payment due for the Larsen to Hamilton.  YE 2022 there was over $60,000 revenue.  Budget for 2023 will come under $60,000.  So there will not be a need to register for GST.  The cash situation is similar to 2021.  The Oceania income has come in 2022 / 2023 year.  The balance sheet was reviewed. 

The overall outcome from Oceania was a net profit of $438.  After predicting a substantial loss, this is a great result.  Significant thanks to those who worked hard to make this happen – Fiona, Katie and Peter in particular.

These were tabled and noted.


Since the last meeting there were the Oceania.  There was a lot of positive comment.  In terms of tournaments since, the Fencing North Open was well attended.  After canvassing of gender separated events, there ended up being enough entries for separate events for foil.

Hamilton event, the Larsen, was well attended generally.  The profits of this will go to Waikato club.

Kyle MacDonald is running a one-hit epee tournament. 

2023 Calendar

The draft calendar was tabled and discussed.  The only issue will be the U15 + Cadets Nationals (possibly Oceanias) where Te Pai has indicated that it is not available.  Inquiries will be made at Mount Albert Grammar.   Possibly also St Kentigens. 

There was discussion about the January camp.  Given that there was not the backdrop of Commonwealths, the attendance may be lower.  Kyle MacDonald indicated that it will be more epee focused.  There will also likely be foil camp run out of Pulse.

Noted that Fencing North can support with Humantix booking system.  A registration page will be set up for this. 

The calendar should be circulated.  Noted that U15 likely to be Oceanic, so it could be an extra day. 

Katie was thanked for her work in referee co-ordination. 


Kirsten was thanked for on-going work.  Promotion of January camp required.  Instagram seemed to be the most popular, although FaceBook was more useful. 

Fiona will be added as author. 

Health and Safety

Nothing to report.


This is confirmed.  To be promoted via social media. 

Other Business:  

Whangarei – Matt Stanley reported. Hikurangi Swords Club has been established. 

2023 is a good year to consider the vision for Fencing North.  Capital development, clubs etc.

Competition day formats were discussed.  There was a desire to see plate events to give fencers knocked out early a chance to get some more fencing at their level.

There was also a need to more clearly identify the championship events.  Were they the individual ‘name’ tournaments for each weapon? (e.g. Fenton Epee for epee?) or the final Fencing North Open? 

Confirmation of next meeting date – AGM – 10 December 2022.

Meeting Closed:   9:20 pm.


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