Minutes of Fencing North Meeting,

Wednesday 2nd July 2014, 7:30pm


1.   Present: John Garelja (President), Heather Claydon (VP), Johann Ryu (Treasurer),  Jeremy Dyson (AHP), Gaylene Ongley (ASC)


2.   Apologies: Oliver Agnew


3.   Previous minutes

Minutes from June 2014 meet not available.


4.   Financial Report

a)     Affiliation Fees ($4300) to FENZ were paid in the period.
Fencing north has 47 Associate members, 69 Full members and 1 Life member; a total of 117 members.

b)    Account Balances as at 4/6:

1.     Current Account  $12,474.241

2.     Savings Account $11,712.78

c)     The internet Banking option has appeared (un-requested) on the account.  It was confirmed that Fencing North Bank accounts should be Read only and all payments made by cheque to ensure there are two signatures.  Johann will take this up with the bank.

d)    It was noted that the signatures have still not been changed to reflect the new office holders and this needs to be actioned asap.  It was suggested that time be taken during the MacLeavy or other competition.


e)     Outstanding Accounts/payments.

Fencing North is still waiting for Steve Clarke to provide invoices for Accommodation and Airfares for NI Champs.

Massey High School is owed $350.00 for North Islands and $300 for two of North Secondary Schools events.
Moved: That these payments be made                           Jeremy / John   Carried.
Heather Claydon requires payment for the SS Shield ($25 .  )  John / Jeremy Carried


Following a discussion around how payments to Massey High School could be sped up it was moved that all Massey High School Hall Hire invoices for use of Gymnasium and use of Hall are preapproved for payment.                                    John / Gaylene Carried


Moved: That the financial report be accepted                  John / Jeremy   Carried.


5.   FENZ topics

a)     Leon will be here for more Level 0 Coaching Clinics.  If anyone is interested Fenz will require notification.   A query was raised about any Level 1 training as Robert Ogg may be interested. 

b)    Under 23 Ranking

Could Fenz please be asked if there .is going to be an under 23 Ranking?

c)     Under 15 Affiliations

As many under 15’s .only enter Secondary School and Under 15 Champs would FENZ consider letting these fencers remain as associate for affiliation purposes?


6.   National Secondary Schools & Under 20’s

This will be held in MHS Gym. 

a)     Concern was raised about access and parking as the school will be working (Thursday & Friday) whilst the SS are running.  School Buses will arrive between 8:15 and 8:30am.   John will investigate.   This may mean that we have to adjust the 9am starts so that we do not cause problems for MHS.  – Further discussion next meeting.

b)    It was decided that we would need eight Pistes. We have 4 Aluminium and with the equipment in storage at Gaylene’s we could have 4 Copper Pistes.  This means we do not need to borrow from the other regions or FENZ.

c)     Two teams need to be identified; one to set-up on Wednesday evening and a second to take down on Sunday afternoon/evening.

d)    FENZ will provide Medals.  A4 Certificates will also be created by Fencing North.

e)     High Performance Auckland will be undertaking catering (Jeremy)

7.   Other Business

a)     First Aid.   During a discussion at an earlier competition it was noted that Fencing North no longer had a First Aid Kit.  There should be one available.  From an operation view it was suggested that the kit be held at DT table and all uses/material used be note so that replacements can be made promptly.
Moved that purchase of a First Aid Kit be organised             John / Heather   Carried

b)    Under 9’s and Under 13’s Competitions.  These were evidently held within the region with fencers attending from other regions.  A committee member was asked why information wasn’t made generally available.  It was decided that how notification of competitions is managed needs to be discussed at a further meeting.


            Meeting closed 8.30pm

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