Check the table below for entries --last updated 9:00am 1st September--

***Entries are now closed***

If you have any queries or would like to make a late entry please contact Oliver Agnew, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Name NZ Secondary School Champs NZ Under 20 Champs
Alex Willson Sabre Sabre
Alice Boyd Foil Foil
Andrew Guo Sabre Sabre
Annick Fenaughty   Epee
Annika Siegers Foil  
Anriena Zen Foil Foil
Ashleigh Goh Epee Epee
Brittany Wyatt Epee Epee 
Bruce Ng Foil  
Caitlin Ingleton Foil  
Caleb Buchanan Foil Foil,Epee,Sabre
Cameron Grimwade Foil  
Carmen Chin Foil Foil
Cesar Dyson Foil Foil
Chantelle May Foil Foil
Christine Chen Foil,Sabre Foil
Claire Cooper Foil  
Clovis Dyson Foil Foil
Crystal Zhong Sabre  
Daniel Garelja   Foil
Daniel Keleghan Foil Foil
Daniela Ravera   Foil
Darcy Black Foil  
Darya Kharitonova Foil Foil
Edward Lu Foil  
Ethan Fish Foil Foil
Felix Boyce   Foil,Epee,Sabre
Freddy Hopkins   Foil,Epee,Sabre
Gavin Thomas Foil,Epee,Sabre Foil,Epee,Sabre
George Greig Foil Foil
Hazel Lockwood Foil,Epee Foil,Epee
Isaac Rusholme Cobb Foil,Epee Foil,Epee
Isabelle Pawley Sabre  
James Harwood Foil,Epee Foil,Epee
Jason Lockwood Foil Foil
Jean Zhang Foil  
Jess Gracie Foil,Epee Foil,Epee
Jessica Kaiser Foil Foil
Jiazu Zhang Sabre Sabre
Jonathan Brill   Foil,Epee
Jonathan Carruth Foil,Epee Foil
Joshua Bruce Foil Foil
Jurgens van Zyl   Foil,Epee
Katie Logan   Sabre
Laura Bythell Epee  
Laura Jacks Sabre Sabre
Lena Jacob Foil Foil
Liam James Epee Epee
Linus Harder-Barfoot Foil Foil
Louis Jennings Foil,Epee Foil,Epee
Lucian Nightingale   Epee
Maija Terho Epee Epee
Mathew Musson Epee  
Megan Wilkie Epee Epee
Michael Claydon   Foil,Epee
Michael Purcell Foil Foil
Mirie Kim Foil Foil
Murray Boucher Foil Foil
Natalie Dunn   Foil
Nathanael Walker-Hale   Foil,Epee
Nick Henderson Foil Foil
Nicholas Miehlbradt Foil Foil
Nicola Buisman Foil Foil
Nicole Martin   Foil,Epee
Oliver Jacks Foil  
Olivia Roberts Foil  
Pierce Alonzo Foil Foil
Pippi Miller Foil Foil,Epee
Reed Browne Foil,Epee Foil,Epee
Reilly Oliver Foil  
Rhys Davies Foil Foil
Robbie Morris Foil Foil
Rohan Naik Foil  
Ross Shepherd Foil,Epee Epee
Russell Johnson Foil,Sabre Foil,Sabre
Sally Zhang Foil Foil
Sam Coad Foil,EpeeSabre  
Sam Tait Sabre Sabre
Samantah Fowler   Foil
Sara-Louise Williams Foil Foil
Sarah Gatland Foil  
Sarah Lesiak Foil,Epee  
Sarah Rathbun Sabre Sabre
Sean Stapleton Foil,Sabre  
Seán Thomson Sabre  
Sheldon Ogilvie Foil,Epee Epee
Sophia Blake Foil Foil
Taine Macnee Foil,Epee Foil,Epee
Tommy Leigh Foil,Sabre Sabre
Valeria Benjamin Foil  
Yerin An Foil  
Wai Ling Chan Foil,Epee Epee
Zane Allen Foil  


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